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Web Privacy & Security



Intertek Inform is committed to your privacy and security. We will only collect information about you online if you:

  • Make a purchase
  • Become a Member, or
  • Become a Registered User 

Use of Information

We will not collect any personal information about you except when you knowingly provide it.

We do use your information to help us understand our market better, so we can continually improve our service. But we only use aggregate information, without looking at an individual’s personal details, so individual customers are never identified. Our customers’ trust is one of our most important assets, so we will never break this trust by selling or licensing any information about you to a third party.


In order to complete an order on our site Intertek Inform uses a feature of your web browser called "cookies". A cookie is a small file, which contains a piece of text which identifies you on our web site. It is very common for online shopping sites to use cookies. The cookie, by itself, only contains a session number helping us keep track of you as you use our site, and helps us to build your shopping cart for you. It doesn't tell us who you are, or your e-mail address or anything else personal. No personal details are contained in the cookie, and they are not used to retrieve any personal information. At Intertek Inform we assure you that we will never use the cookie to obtain any private or personal information. So for your shopping experience with us to be as quick and painless as possible, please make sure that your browser is set up to accept our cookies, and please, don’t delete them.

Why We Use Cookies

The cookie is required for us to manage the shopping cart and the Standards you are ordering. We have also provided a facility whereby your delivery details and other essential ordering information are stored on our site with your first order so that you don't have to re-type this information every time you order from us. The cookie enables us to achieve this.


Intertek Inform understands your security concerns so we have developed a safe and secure environment for you to shop online. You should never have to worry about credit card safety while shopping at Intertek Inform. 

Our secure server software (SSL - Secure Sockets Layer) is the industry standard and is among the best software available today for secure e-commerce transactions. We use 40-bit encryption software to protect your credit card information and to provide transaction security. What this means is that all of your personal information is securely encrypted, including name and address and credit card number, so that it can’t be read as it travels across the Internet from your computer to ours, or from our computer to the bank. You can tell when your browser is operating in secure mode by the small padlock or key icon that appears on screen to let you know the information you provide is safe. Additionally, Intertek Inform's computers are located in a safe and secure environment. 

Your credit card details are not stored in our computer system. Once they've been encrypted (technical jargon for scrambled) they go straight to the bank. Intertek Inform's web site security system operates in much the same way as if you were making a purchase at a bricks and mortar store. So if you wanted to buy another Standard from us ten minutes after your last purchase, you'll have to enter your credit card details again, just like you'd have to do at a regular checkout - but without the queues! 

 If you feel in any way nervous about providing your ordering information through our web site, call us at 201-986-1131 / 888-454-2688 between 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday and we’ll gladly take your order over the phone.