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American Nuclear Society

ANS is a not-for-profit, international, scientific and educational organization. All ANS Standards receive dual approval from the American National Standards Institute and are thus considered American National Standards. ANS has written and approved nearly 150 different standards, and numerous versions of many of those. These technical documents are written, reviewed, and approved by the army of talented volunteers that support our program. ANS has close to 1,000 volunteers who provide their experience and expertise to the various levels of standards committees to see that these important documents are written for the industry's needs.


Administrative Practice for Nuclear Criticality Safety
Published: 13-June-2024
Probabilistic Evaluation of External Flood Hazards for Nuclear Facilities
Published: 13-June-2024
Conduct of Critical Experiments
Published: 05-June-2024
Nuclear Criticality Accident Emergency Planning and Response
Published: 29-Feb-2024
Nuclear Safety Design Criteria and Functional Performance Requirements for Liquid-Fuel Molten Salt Reactor Nuclear Power Plants
Published: 29-Jan-2024
Nuclear Data Sets for Reactor Design Calculations
Published: 05-Jan-2024
Measurement of the Leachability of Solidified LowLevel Radioactive Wastes by a Short-Term Test Procedure
Published: 04-Jan-2024
Decay Heat Power in Light Water Reactors
Published: 04-Dec-2023
Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Research Reactors
Published: 27-Nov-2023
Verification and Validation of Radiological Data for Use in Waste Management and Environmental Remediation
Published: 07-Sept-2023
Medical Certification and Monitoring of Personnel Requiring Operator Licenses for Nuclear Power Plants
Published: 19-July-2023
Use of Fixed Neutron Absorbers in Nuclear Facilities Outside Reactors
Published: 20-June-2023
American National Standard Group-Averaged Neutron and Gamma-Ray Cross Sections for Radiation Protection and Shielding Calculations for Nuclear Power Plants
Published: 16-June-2023
Nuclear Criticality Safety in Operations with Fissionable Materials Outside Reactors, Includes Erratum (2023)
Published: 05-June-2023
Non-Real-Time, High-Integrity Software for the Nuclear Industry - Developer Requirements
Published: 19-Apr-2023
Format and Content for Safety Analysis Reports for Research Reactors
Published: 19-Jan-2023
Validation of Neutron Transport Methods for Nuclear Criticality Safety
Published: 03-Jan-2023
Design Requirements for New Fuel Storage Facilities at Light Water Reactor Plants
Published: 03-Jan-2023
Guidelines for Estimating Present & Projecting Future Population Distributions Surrounding Nuclear Facility Sites
Published: 03-Jan-2023
Steady-state Neutronics Methods for Power Reactor Analysis
Published: 06-Oct-2022
Criticality Accident Alarm System
Published: 09-Sept-2022
Light Water Reactor Risk- Informed, Performance- Based Design
Published: 21-July-2022
The Determination of Thermal Energy Deposition Rates in Nuclear Reactors
Published: 12-July-2022
Managerial, Administrative, and Quality Assurance Controls for the Operational Phase of Nuclear Power Plants
Published: 26-May-2022

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