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Contact our Customer Support Team

Most enquiries are responded to within 1-3 business days.


131 242 (from within Australia)*
+61 2 8206 6010 (from outside Australia)

Support hours of operation are 9:00am-5:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays

*Need Help to navigate our new website? Screen Sharing session on Intertek Inform is available by reaching out to our Customer Service Team. More details see below. 

Screen Sharing FAQs

We have introduced a new Screen Sharing support service, also known as Co-browsing, that allows a customer support team member to assist you remotely via a shared browser.

This allows our customer support team member to either walk you through a task via phone while looking at your screen to help, or the agent uses their cursor to demonstrate how to perform the task as you observe.

A customer in need of assistance must initiate the remote session, generate a unique session code and communicate it to a member of our Customer Support team via phone. Our team member then uses the code to establish a remote session. The Screen Sharing session takes place concurrently with the phone call.

This allows us to offer live, hands-on assistance in a way that most effectively answers your questions.  

To start a Screen Sharing session, follow the steps below:

1. Call the Customer Service team on 131 242, anytime between 9-5pm AEDT, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

2. Once you are speaking with a team member, click on the ‘?’ icon, displayed on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen on Intertek Inform.

3. This will bring up a ‘Co-browsing’ pop-up and present you with a unique 6-digit Session ID number.

4. Share this unique number with the Customer Service team member over the phone to enable the Screen Sharing capability.

5. The Customer Service team member will then be able to view your screen and provide instructions over the phone at the same time. The team member can also demonstrate using their mouse on your screen to walk you through a process visually while explaining what they are doing over the phone.

6. Once the issue is resolved, you can click on ‘Stop session’ to stop sharing your screen.

Once the Screen Sharing session starts, the Customer Service team can only see the Intertek Inform screen. Other tabs or windows are not visible throughout these sessions and cannot be accessed by the Customer Service team.  

No, the Session ID numbers as part of the Screen Sharing session are unique. This means that a Customer Service team member cannot connect again once the original session has ended. To start a new session, a new Session ID number would need to be created and shared.  

Need help?
Call us on 131 242, then click here to start a Screen Sharing session
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