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Standards Publishers

Who are Standards Publishers?

Standards publishers are organisations responsible for developing and disseminating industry-specific guidelines, protocols, and benchmarks to ensure uniformity and quality in various sectors. Examples include AS, ISO, ASTM, and IEEE. They play a crucial role in fostering innovation, safety, and interoperability by providing a common framework for diverse industries to follow.

Our Publisher Collection

As an authorised reseller of Standards we are contracted to 170 publishers and have a total collection of more than 360+publishers. This includes API, ASME, IEC, IEEE, ACI, ISO, ASTM, CSA, SAE, BSI, MSS, NACE, NEMA and more. For our complete collection, head over to our Publisher Directory

Searching for Publishers

Find Standards by Publisher through Advanced Search. Use the filter options to sort by Publisher, type, status, date and category. 

Ways to access Standards

Compare our solutions to find the best way to access the Standards your need.

Individual Standards

Search for and buy Standards in digital, PDF or hardcopy formats

  • Available in single or multi-user versions

  • Access digital and PDF standards purchases immediately

  • Order hardcopy versions shipped directly to you

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Small Business Sets

Discover commonly referenced industry Standards in one package.

  • Access a convenient and cost-effective set of Standards

  • Share a free additional license with someone else in your business

  • Available for small businesses

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Standards Management

Manage your Standards with our online subscription service - i2i

  • Choose the content you want from our range of publishers

  • Automatically receive alerts when Standards are updated

  • Easily manage access across locations and terms

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