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Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive list of FAQ’s is readily available to assist you with your purchase. For further support and assistance, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team.

Standards are documents written by International, Regional or National Standards Bodies (NSBs) and Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) which set out specifications and procedures or processes.

Many NSBs and SDOs sell their own publications directly and can be referred to as “publishers”.  Intertek are a licensed distributor/aggregator who bring together multiple publishers for the benefit and ease of the community.

a. Search Bar:
Search by Standard designation/number or Keyword.

b. Advanced Search:
Select by according to filters to further define search results.

c. Explore Standards:
Search Standards by the list of categories.

The latest, up-to-date edition.

Pending Revision
Pending revision indicates that as a result of the Aged Standards review process, the document needs updating. If no project proposal, meeting the quality criteria, is received within the 12 month timeframe, the document shall be withdrawn.

Available Superseded
An Available Superseded Standard is one, which has been made available for a period of time although it has been formally superseded by another Standard. Its availability is maintained where it is referenced in legislation/regulations or in other Standards and its use should be restricted to where so referenced. No responsibility is taken by Intertek Inform as to the ongoing technical validity of such a Standard, the responsibility resting with the referencing authority.

A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

A Withdrawn Standard is one, which is removed from sale, and its unique number can no longer be used. The Standard can be withdrawn and not replaced, or it can be withdrawn and replaced by a Standard with a different number.

A document that is past its comment period, but has not been superseded and where it is unlikely the project or product will go ahead.

“Obsolescent” indicates that the Standard is not recommended for new equipment or as a current practice, but it is retained in order to provide for servicing of existing equipment or requirements.

A redesignated Standard is one that has had its number changed. This could be the main number, the part number or the sub-part number.

A document that has not been superseded, but where the project or product is no longer required.

a. Product Details page:
You will find information about the publication that will help guide you in choosing the right product.

b. Status:
Your will find information the publication status with details of meaning, as per above.

c. Preview: 
Depending on the publisher a preview may be available with limited pages/content.

d. Further Product Details:
See drop down arrows to view further information.

a. Select the user login iconLogin Icon:
Located on the top right corner.

b. Log into your Account:
Enter your email address and password and select Login.

c. Forgot Password?
Select Forgot Password and enter your email address and Reset my password.

d. Create Account?
Select Create Account and complete*:

*This is mandatory for all assigned users against MultiUser purchases

-Personal Details (Mandatory)

-Billing and Delivery Details (Mandatory)

-Preferences and Membership Details (Optional)**

**Organisation Name located here

e. Can I amend MyAccount details?
Yes. Please note for all new email addresses that are not registered, a new Account will need to be created.

a. Dashboard:
Providing an overview of the features available.

b. MyAccount:
Ability to update your information.

c. Available Subscriptions:
Accessing Small Business Sets purchased.

d. Collections:
Ability to View Online* and Download PDF purchases**
*Available for PDF purchases from 1 June 2021
**Available for registered Accounts only

e. MyOrders + MultiUser PDF Distribution:
i. Providing a list view of all PDF Formats / purchases
ii. Providing a list view of all MultiUser PDF Formats with the ability to assign users*
*All assigned users must be registered prior to accessing their Product Download Links of Account features

f. StandardsWatch List:
Providing a list of your selected Standards you are tracking.

g. Quotes:
You can locate Quotes here.

StandardsWatch is an alert service that makes it easy to track changes to Standards. Learn more for more information. 

Product Formats can be purchased in the following Formats which may include:

a. Printed/Hardcopy:*
*Spiral Bound Only for AS/NZS 3000:2018
*Postage & Handling costs are based on the weight and the delivery destination.

b. PDF:
i. PDF 1 User
ii. PDF Multi-User Options

See link for more information on Hardcopy delivery timeframes / for Product Formats and licence permissions.

c. Business Contracts:
i. AS Contracts Standards are available as Contract Templates in the following Reusable PDF Formats:

      1. Single Licence: Single Use for up to 3 projects / up to 6 final copies / for 3 month usage.
      2. Multi Licence: Multiple uses for multiple projects / up to 12 final copies / for 6 month usage.

ii. AS Contracts Standards are available as Contract Templates in Hardcopy format for Annexures to be filled in by hand.
iii. Please note that PDF 1 User Format and PDF Multi User Formats are watermarked with Internal Use Only.

User Guide: AS Reusable PDF Contracts (Including Terms and Conditions)
Learn More about Contract Standards 

a. Login to your Account:
In order to raise a Quotation a registered Account is required.
See above on How to Login / Create Account.

b. Search
for your Standard

c. Once your Standard is listing in your search results, click to view the Product page.

d. Select the Product Format

Select the Quantity required
*Not applicable for PDF 1 User Format

f. Ensure to agree and to read the DRM document license rules*
*Not applicable for Hardcopy Formats

g. Click Add to Cart and select continue.

h. Select Continue Shopping to Add more Standards.

i. Select View Cart to review your Quote.

j. Select Save item in Cart as Quote.

k. Your Quote Number has now been generated and valid for 30 days – select options listed below.

l. When you are ready to convert your Quote to a live Order, proceed to Checkout.

m. If you are logged out, simply locate your Quote from the My Account menu.

a. Login to your Account:
To place an order successfully a registered Account is required*.
*Without a registered Account your ability to manage your orders will not be available

b. Search for your Standard:
i. Buy Now – after selecting the Product Format and Quantity required, please note that you will proceed directly to the Checkout page.
ii. Click to Product Page - Once your Standard is listing in your search results, click to view the Product page*

c. Select the Product Format 

d. Select the Quantity
*Not applicable for PDF 1 User Format

e. Ensure to agree and to read the DRM document license rules*
*Not applicable for Hardcopy Formats

f. Select Buy Now
to proceed to the Checkout page*
*If you need to change/cancel the order, click Back to Cart.

g. Ensure to review the following at the Checkout page:
i. Billing and the Watermarking information
ii. Order Summary
iii. Payment Method*
See below for more information on the Payment Methods available.

h. Your Order Confirmation and/or PDF Download Link will be generated by email.

i. A View Online option is available and can be located in your Collections against your Account*
*Without a registered Account your ability to manage your orders will not be available

a. When you purchase a PDF document from us, it will come watermarked with the name of the person who purchased it and the download date on each page of the publication (in the left margin). It shows that you are the rightful licensee of that publication. This process helps us to protect the copyright on Australian Standards® and gives some control over the level of distribution of the documents.


b. Watermarking details will result as follows: 

Please be advised that the watermarking information provided in the Watermark Text field located on the Checkout page of your order, will result as follows: 


Purchaser and/or “Company Name” 

-Left Margin/Bind:  

Copyrighted material licensed to “Company Name for the purchaser of the PDF or an assignee to a Multi User PDF”. 

No further reproduction or distribution permitted. Printed / viewed by: “user email of purchaser of the PDF or an assignee to a Multi User PDF”. 

a. Credit/Debit Card:
A surcharge will be added to the total amount of the order. The applicable surcharges are:

i. Mastercard, Visa & JCB: 1.45%
ii. AMEX: 1.75%
iii. International cards: 2.90%

b. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):

To pay by Electronic Funds Transfer please proceed initially as follows:

i. Create Account
ii. Add your selections to Cart as per the above
iii. Save as Quote
iv. Banking Details:

Please reference your Quote Number when making payment by EFT

BPAY Biller Code: 317230
EFT details:
        SAI Global Australia Pty Ltd
        ABN: 14 144 974 087
        Westpac Banking Corporation
        BSB: 032-061
        Account: 565386
        Swift Code (International) WPACAU2S

v. Remittance Advice:
Please email your Remittance Advice of payment to: accounts.receivable@intertekinform.com

vi. Turnaround time:
Please allow up to 7 business days for processing.

c. Customer Credit Account:

A 30 day credit facility can be made available for customers who are located in Australia only.  For more information please: contact Customer Support.

d. Google Pay:

You can use Google Payto pay for your purchase. Simply tap the Google Pay button on the Payment page and complete payment.
Learn about using Google Pay here.

At Intertek we supply Standards from many different publishers. Each publisher defines their own requirements relating to what users are licenced to do with their content.

Standards Australia have updated how their content can be used and require all distributors to ensure that users are not able to breach their licence requirements.

As a result, we have implemented technology that limits usage of Standards Australia content to only what is allowed in the licence agreement.

This includes :
 -            Access to open and to download the document for one user on one device. If you would like access for more than one user, please select the Multi User PDF option
-             Ability to print 2 copies
For more information on DRM details, see link for more information.

a. Some International Publications have a License Agreement between Intertek and the Publisher:

i. For Hardcopy Formats with a licence agreement – these can be reproduced and fulfilled within 8-10 business days.
ii. For PDF Formats with a licence agreement - can be readily fulfilled.

b. Special International Publications:
i. Some International Publications do not offer a PDF Format but only have the Original Manuscript available.
ii. These Hardcopy Formats are required to be sourced following an Order and generated Tax Invoice.
iii. Please allow approx 20 business days or fulfillment.

c. Request quote:
i. Some International Publications may result with Request Quote.
ii. Proceed with completing a quote request form to submit.
iii. We will endeavour to obtain the pricing and the availability of the publication within 3 business days.

d. What does Redline mean?
A document pertaining to Redline provides the comparison for both the current edition, with a Redline strikethrough against the previous edition.

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