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User Guide – AS Reusable PDF Contracts


1. Terms and Conditions:

      1. Single-Use Licence: Single use for up to 3 projects / up to 6 final copies / for 3 month usage.
      2. Multi-Use Licence: Multiple uses for multiple projects / up to 12 final copies / for 6 month usage.
      3. Reusable PDF file is to be locally installed and not to be networked.
      4. Reusable PDF file allows “fill-in” functionality only and not available for editing of content.
      5. Permitted to print up to 6 or 12 final copies for projects as per licence selected.
      6. Initial drafts do not count toward the 6 or 12 final copies.
      7. Reusable PDF file is for internal use only.
      8. Only print and scanned pages of the amended material may be issued externally.


2. Installation/Download:

      1. Single-Use file or Multi-Use file is to be downloaded locally for use by user/purchaser for required projects.
      2. Reusable PDF files are not to be networked.


3. Contract Conditions:

      1. The contract conditions are provided within the Reusable PDF Format.
      2. The contract conditions are standard and NOT editable.
      3. Editable MS word versions are available from Standards Australia at


4. Annexures:

      1. The annexures are located after the contract conditions.
      2. The annexures provide fields for the convenience of adding text by “fill-in” or strikethrough towards completion of your contract.
      3. Should the limit characterisation be reached, the user must print and either complete by hand or advise the external party to see a separate MS Word Addendum stating “to be read in conjunction with Annexure B of AS XXXX”.


5. Reusable.PDF tool/file:

      1. File include fields with a “fill-in" functionality only.
      2. File can be used as a temporary template.
      3. File should be “printed > scanned > saved” and then emailed to external parties.
      4. File cannot be “saved as” due to format.
      5. File cannot be issued to electronically to external parties.


6. Saving a Reusable.PDF:

      1. Due to format, the Reusable.PDF tool, cannot be “saved as” in Adobe as draft or working document, as this function locks the source code and can no longer be accessed.
      2. Copies of and/or changes to the file name are to be “Re-named” in File Explorer (PC) or Finder (MAC).
      3. Simply right-click the file that needs to be renamed and select “Re-name”.
      4. An alternative option to lock in the “filled-in” data/content of your working document is to “save > print > scan”.
      5. Please note that the originally purchased file will only be available for use, completion and issue until end of licence term.


7. Drafts:

      1. Until contract is completed by all parties, drafts are a necessary step towards contract finalisation.
      2. Drafts do not count towards your final contract copies ie. 6 or 12 copies.
      3. This to be policed by the user as per accepted terms and conditions upon purchase.


8. Print Permissions / Issue of Draft & Final Copies:

      1. Reusable PDF file is not to be issued electronically to external parties.
      2. The use and issue of “printed/scanned” copies to external parties is be policed by the user/purchaser.
      3. Once amendments and/or comments by external parties have been returned against the “printed > scanned” copies, user may continue to update Reusable PDF.
      4. This process may be required a several times until all parties have agreed towards the final copy.
      5. Printed/scanned copies are to be kept for user reference after the expiration of file.
      6. Once content is agreed by all parties, final copies of contract are ready for issue.
      7. The print copies issued are now considered part of your final copies.


9. Expiration of File:

      1. Reusable PDF file is available for use, completion and issue until end of licence term.
      2. After expiration date files will result in yellow expiry message with no further access to content.


10. Special Requirements:

    1. Reusable PDF file will not suffice for court case requirements.
    2. Reusable PDF file will not suffice for online tender eg. E-Tendering.

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