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AS 4700.5(INT)-2007



A Withdrawn Standard is one, which is removed from sale, and its unique number can no longer be used. The Standard can be withdrawn and not replaced, or it can be withdrawn and replaced by a Standard with a different number.

Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.5 Immunization messages

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Provides guidance for the implementation of communications between immunization service providers and immunization registries, using the Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.5 protocol. Primarily designed for use within and between Australian health care settings.

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Expiry Date 23 November 2009.
Withdrawn 20-04-2020.
Standards Australia

This Interim Standard covers implementation of communications between immunization service providers and immunization registries, using the HL7 Version 2.5 protocol. The Standard covers the events that trigger communication, the batching of transactions, together with the structure and content of electronic messages. This includes the data segments and data elements that are mandatory (required), optional or conditional (required, based on a condition), and relevant usage notes in the Australian health environment. The Standard provides consistent use of data definitions as well as commentary and references to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and National Health Data Dictionary (NHDD).

First published as AS 4700.5-2002.Second edition 2005.Third edition AS 4700.5(Int)-2007. Originated as AS 4700.5-2002. Previous edition AS 4700.5-2005. Third edition AS 4700.5(Int)-2007.

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TR 2965-2007 Harmonisation of HD and EI data types across AS 4700.X Standards and associated Handbooks
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HB 262-2008 Guidelines for pathology messaging between pathology providers and health service providers
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