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Access to Engineering Standards

Keep up with the challenging engineering world with powerful access to Standards

Engineering is a fast-changing world and new Standards are being published quicker than many companies can keep up. Gain easy access to 1.6+ million critical industry Standards and documents for all users in your organisation.

Gain the context needed for the precision engineering industry

By its very nature, this industry demands ever heightening levels of accuracy and specificity. Access to Standards enables your organisation to consistently create reliable products while helping to implement guided processes to better manage risk, quality, safety and compliance requirements.

We'd like to introduce you to SAI Global i2i - a Standards Management platform that's designed to suit different users, teams and projects needs with easy access to Standards from over 360 publishers. It's time to:

  • Gain confidence that everyone has access to critical information, with multiple users accessing the centralised repository of up to date, relevant industry Standards on the platform from anywhere they are with mobile accessibility and multilingual support
  • Provide fast search capabilities to find Standards easily, including keyword search, thumbnail and outline views within Standards to reduce time taken to find critical information
  • Bring internal policies and content together with the MyDocuments feature, allowing you to connect internal files to their relevant Standards 
  • Take control of cost and compliance and avoid duplication of purchases across multiple sites and locations and ensure everyone is using the same, updated versions of Standards
  • Know that everyone is accessing current information, with confidence that the data and information on the platform is the latest available and notifications sent when Standards change

We understand that no two organisations are the same when it comes to access to Standards. With functionality to suit a wide range of users including daily users and admins, it's time to implement a single solution for all your Standards needs.