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Managed Content Services

Managed Content Services

Intertek Inform's Publisher & Partnership Standards Distribution Business Solutions

We Partner with our clients to empower them in improving their publishing and content experience. Our goal is to provide the tools to accelerate growth, enhance efficiency, and strengthen brand reputation. Our partners are the thought leaders, and we are excited to be a part of their journey. 

Intertek Inform offers business technology solutions for distributing technical and engineering standards and associated content for National Standards Bodies, Standard Development Organizations, Associations, and Commercial Partners.

Our expertise is the creation of monetized distribution channels for your engineering standards and technical content. 


The Intertek Inform online store, subscription and content management platforms are technology that may be “branded” for use by Publishers and our Commercial Partners, that seek to improve their own technology to serve their direct clients. 

Subscription Technology

With the benefits and features of our cloud-based i2i Platform, clients control, customize, and collaborate their Standards and information. Over 1.6 million standards and publications are available in the i2i database from over 350 national and international publishers. Robust reporting and analytics, dashboard views, and assurance that you have access to the most up to date documents are at your fingertips.

Standards E-Commerce Store

Intertek Inform's E-Commerce store provides access to the entire library of Standards. It delivers:

  • Aesthetics and content reflecting your brand and input
  • Complete localization with tailored management of pricing, taxations, currency, catalog permissions, and shipping
  • Customized search ranking rules
  • A completely responsive site, optimizing experience to desktop and mobile devices
  • Best practices E-Commerce capabilities with streamlined cart and checkout processes
  • Cloud-based infrastructure that provides significant improvements in site speed, reliability, and support
  • Detailed reporting, including transactional reports and web analytics

Content Management

Intertek Inform's authoring and content creating solution, Participate, is a web-based content management platform designed specifically to help organizations and publishers create, update, collaborate, and publish Standards and other business-critical content. Our Participate solution enables our partners to redefine the way they reach their audience and satisfy evolving technology requirements. Participate provides clients with the ability to:

  • Provide controlled access to the latest versions of Standards
  • Support better collaboration and communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensure supplier compliance via self-assessment tools
  • Collaborate with your suppliers to better risk mitigation across the supply chain
  • Author content and invite others to review and participate in the moderation
We understand every project is different. Let's talk about your unique requirements.