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ADA Standards

About American Dental Association Standards

The American Dental Association (ADA) Standards set the benchmark for quality and safety in dental care and products. These standards are developed by the ADA, an authority in the dental industry, to ensure the highest level of care in dental practices. They cover a broad range of areas, including dental materials, tools, procedures, and practice management, aiming to enhance patient safety, treatment efficacy, and professional integrity in dentistry.

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Intertek Inform acts as a crucial bridge to the American Dental Association Standards, providing easy and reliable access for dental professionals and manufacturers. Our service offers these standards in various formats, both digital and print, allowing for seamless integration into daily dental practices or production processes. With Intertek Inform, practitioners and businesses can stay updated with the latest standards, ensuring compliance and fostering trust in the dental community.


ADA J43024:2024
Dental Claim Form (2024 Version), 100 Forms per Pad
ADA K223BTi:2023
CDT 2023 and Coding Companion Kit with App
ADA J023i:2023
CDT 2023 App for iOS and Android
ADA J023BTi:2023
CDT 2023 Book and App
ADA P04122:2023
Dental Administration with Confidence by Charles Blair
ADA W26523:2023
Why Doesn't My Insurance Pay for This?
ADA W23423:2023
Dental Implants: Are They an Option for You?
ADA W28523:2023
Tooth Whitening for a Brighter Smile
ADA W26623:2023
(Tooth Decay in Baby Teeth)
ADA W16623:2023
Tooth Decay in Baby Teeth: Baby Teeth Can Get Cavities
ADA W24923:2023
Implantes dentales: ¿Son una opción para usted? (Dental Implants: Are They an Option for You?)
ADA W51023:2023
Mouthguards and Sports Safety
ADA W28223:2023
Why Baby Teeth Are Important
ADA W13123:2023
Do You Have a Cracked Tooth?
ADA W19623:2023
Healthy Smiles for Mother and Baby
ADA W33123:2023
(Children’s Airways)
ADA J58122BT : 2022
Complying with the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule: A Guide for the Dental Office
ADA P69222BT : 2022
The ADA Practical Guide to Effective Infection Prevention and Control, Fifth Edition
ADA 1100:2021D
ADA SCDI White Paper
ADA 47-2:2021D
ANSI/ADA Standard No. 47-2 Stationary Dental Units And Patient Chairs-Part 2: Air, Water, Suction - ADA47-2-2021D
ADA 1087:2021D
Essential Characteristics of Digital Oral Health Risk -E-BOOK
ADA 47-1:2021D
Stationary Dental Units And Patient Chairs-Part 1: General Requirements
ADA 1077 : 2020
Human Age Assessment by Dental Analysis
ADA 183:2020
Reprocessable Cartridge Syringes for Intraligamentary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to find out more on American Dental Association Standards.

American Dental Association Standards are professionally developed guidelines that prescribe the requirements for various aspects of dental practice and product manufacturing. These Standards are essential for maintaining the safety, quality, and effectiveness of dental care and dental products, helping to regulate materials, equipment, and treatment procedures used in dentistry.  

ADA Standards are used to guide dental professionals in their clinical practice and manufacturers in the creation of dental products. They ensure that all dental treatments and products meet rigorous health and safety Standards, enhancing patient care and protecting public health. Additionally, these Standards support dental professionals in staying compliant with industry regulations and in adopting the latest advancements in dental technology and practices.  

The American Dental Association Standards are owned by the American Dental Association, a leading professional organization for dentists in the United States. The ADA is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and operates nationally, providing guidelines and advocacy for thousands of dental professionals across the country. The ADA is dedicated to advancing the dental profession and promoting the highest Standards of oral health and dental care.  

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