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Open Deposit Account

Open Deposit Account

Streamline Standards purchases with an Open Deposit Account

A simple, streamlined and flexible Standards management solution that is tailored to your needs can assist with addressing operational efficiencies, cost reductions and business requirements. 


What is an Open Deposit Account?

Open Deposit Accounts on i2i provide you with an easy solution to purchase all your required Standards and technical documents. It streamlines the process, so you can get what you need, whenever you need it having already prepaid for your future requirements.

They work in 3 simple steps:

  1. Deposit any amount you wish into the Deposit Account
  2. When you make an order, the order value will be deducted from your Deposit Account
  3. When you've used up your Deposit Account, top it up at any time


What you can expect

  • Avoid creating multiple purchase orders
  • Access a service that ensures your orders are processed first, every time
  • Confidence that your Standards budget is secured and controlled
  • Purchase the critical Standards you need with ease 
  • Flexibility to add Standards to your subscription or ability to purchase single copy PDFS and Hardcopy Standards 
Ready to transform your Standards Management?