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AS 1050.12-1983


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Methods for the analysis of iron and steel Determination of nitrogen in steel (steam distillation titrimetric method) (Reconfirmed 2016)
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Sets out a method for determination of nitrogen in all types of steel, and is applicable to nitrogen contents between 0.001 percent and 0.5 percent.

This standard sets out a method for the determination of nitrogen in all types of steel.NOTE: Complete recovery of nitrogen cannot be obtained from steel containing silicon nitri de. This nitride has been found only in samples of silicon steels manufactured without aluminium additions and then only in sheet material.

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Reconfirmed 18/11/2016.This standard has been reconfirmed in Australia in 2016 and remains current in New Zealand. Reconfirmation Notice 18/11/2016
Standards Australia

Reconfirmed 1989 First published (as AS K1, Part 12) 1959. AS 1050, Part 12 first published 1983. Incorporating: Amdt 1-1984

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