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AS 1145.3-2001



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Determination of tensile properties of plastics materials - Test conditions for films and sheets

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1 Scope2 Normative references3 Principle4 Definitions5 Apparatus6 Test specimens7 Number of specimens8 Conditioning9 Procedure10 Calculation and expression of results11 Precision12 Test report

Specifies conditions for determining the tensile properties of plastic films or sheets less than 1 mm thick, based non the general principles given in AS 1145.1. This Standard is identical to and reproduced from ISO 527-3:1995.

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Withdrawn 11-09-2018.
Standards Australia

Standards Relationship
ISO 527-3:1995 Identical

First published as AS 1145.3-2001.

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AS/NZS 4766(INT):2002 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals
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