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ANSI/ASQC Q9000-1:1994



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Quality Management And Quality Assurance Standards - Guidelines For Selection And Use

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1 Scope2 Normative reference3 Definitions4 Principal concepts 4.1 Key objectives and responsibilities for quality 4.2 Stakeholders and their expectations 4.3 Distinguishing between quality-system requirements and product requirements 4.4 Generic product categories 4.5 Facets of quality 4.6 Concepts of a process 4.7 Network of processes in an organization 4.8 Quality system in relation to the network of processes 4.9 Evaluating quality systems5 Roles of documentation 5.1 The value of documentation 5.2 Documentation and evaluation of quality systems 5.3 Documentation as a support for quality improvement 5.4 Documentation and training6 Quality-system situations7 Selection and use of International Standards and American National Standards on quality 7.1 General 7.2 Selection and use 7.3 Application guidelines 7.4 Software 7.5 Dependability 7.6 Quality assurance: design, development, production, installation, and servicing 7.7 Quality assurance: production, installation and servicing 7.8 Quality assurance: final inspection 7.9 Quality management 7.10 Services 7.11 Processed materials 7.12 Quality improvement 7.13 Audits 7.14 Auditors 7.15 Managing audits 7.16 Quality assurance for measurement8 Selection and use of International Standards and American National Standards for external quality assurance 8.1 General guidance 8.2 Selection of model 8.3 Demonstration of conformance to the selected model 8.4 Additional considerations in contractual situationsAnnexesA Terms and definitions taken from ISO 8402B Product and process factors B.1 Purpose B.2 FactorsC Proliferation of standardsD Cross-reference list of clause numbers for corresponding topicsE Bibliography

Provides details of the fundamental quality concepts of the standards and establishes guidelines for the selection and us of Q9001, Q9002, Q9003, and Q9004.

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American Society of Quality Control

94 [01/01/1994]

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