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EN 50126-2:2017



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Railway Applications - The Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) - Part 2: Systems Approach to Safety

Published date


European foreword
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Safety process
6 Safety demonstration and acceptance
7 Organisation and Independence of Roles
8 Risk assessment
9 Specification of System Safety Requirements
10 Apportionment of functional Safety Integrity requirements
11 Design and implementation
Annex A (informative) - ALARP, GAME, MEM
Annex B (informative) - Using failure and accident statistics to
        derive a THR
Annex C (informative) - Guidance on SIL Allocation
Annex D (informative) - Safety target apportionment methods
Annex E (informative) - Common mistakes in quantification
Annex F (informative) - Techniques/methods for safety analysis
Annex G (informative) - Key system safety roles and responsibilities
Annex ZZ (informative) - Relationship between this European Standard
         and the Essential Requirements of EU Directive 2008/57/EC

This part 2 of EN 50126-considers the safety-related generic aspects of the RAMS life-cycle;-defines methods and tools which are independent of the actual technology of the systems and subsystems;-provides:-the user of the standard with the understanding of the system approach to safety which is a key concept of EN 50126;-methods to derive the safety requirements and their safety integrity requirements for the system and to apportion them to the subsystems;-methods to derive the safety integrity levels (SIL) for the safety-related electronic functions. NOTEThis standard does not allow the allocation of safety integrity levels to non-electronic functions.-provides guidance and methods for the following areas:-safety process;-safety demonstration and acceptance;-organisation and independence of roles;-risk assessment;-specification of safety requirements;-apportionment of functional safety requirements;-design and implementation.-provides the user of this standard with the methods to assure safety with respect to the system under consideration and its interactions;-provides guidance about the definition of the system under consideration, including identification of the interfaces and the interactions of this system with its subsystems or other systems, in order to conduct the risk analysis;-does not define:-RAMS targets, quantities, requirements or solutions for specific railway applications;-rules or processes pertaining to the certification of railway products against the requirements of this standard;-an approval process by the safety authority.This part 2 of EN 50126 is applicable to railway applications fields, namely Command, Control and Signalling, Rolling Stock and Fixed Installations, and specifically:-to the specification and demonstration of safety for all railway applications and at all levels of such an application, as appropriate, from complete railway systems to major systems and to individual and combined sub-systems and components within these major systems, including those containing software, in particular:-to new systems;-to new systems integrated into existing systems already accepted, but only to the extent and insofar as the new system with the new functionality is being integrated. It is otherwise not applicable to any unmodified aspects of the existing system;-as far as reasonably practicable, to modifications and extensions of existing systems accepted prior to the creation of this standard, but only to the extent and insofar as existing systems are being modified. It is otherwise not applicable to any unmodified aspect of the existing system;-at all relevant phases of the life-cycle of an application;-for use by railway duty holders and the railway suppliers.It is not required to apply this standard to existing systems which remain unmodified, including those systems already compliant with any former version of EN 50126.The process defined by this European Standard assumes that railway duty holders and railway suppliers have business-level policies addressing Quality, Performance and Safety. The approach defined in this standard is consistent with the application of quality management requirements contained within EN ISO 9001.

Supersedes PREN 50126-2 and CLC/TR 50126-2. (10/2017)
European Committee for Standards - Electrical


ISO/IEC Guide 51:2014 Safety aspects Guidelines for their inclusion in standards
EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems - Requirements (ISO 9001:2015)
EN 50126-1:2017 Railway Applications - The Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) - Part 1: Generic RAMS Process
ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems — Requirements
ISO/IEC 90003:2014 Software engineering Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2008 to computer software

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