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FAA Standards

About Federal Aviation Administration Standards

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was established in 1958 in the United States to regulate and oversee all aspects of civil aviation. As a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the FAA's mission is to ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the national aviation system. The FAA develops and enforces regulations, Standards, and procedures that cover various aspects of aviation, including aircraft manufacturing, pilot training, airport operations, and air traffic control.

FAA Standards are critical to maintaining the highest levels of safety and performance in the aviation industry. They cover a wide range of areas such as aircraft design and maintenance, operational procedures, crew qualifications, and airport infrastructure. By adhering to these Standards, the aviation industry can ensure the safety of passengers and personnel, the security of aviation operations, and the environmental sustainability of air travel.

Intertek Inform: Your Gateway to Federal Aviation Administration Standards

Intertek Inform makes it simple for organisations to access FAA Standards, providing a streamlined process for acquiring the necessary regulations to ensure compliance and safety in aviation operations. Our extensive collection of FAA Standards is easily accessible through our user-friendly platform, enabling businesses to obtain the documents they need promptly and efficiently.

Whether you need specific FAA Standards in digital PDF or printed formats, Intertek Inform offers flexible purchasing options. Additionally, our i2i platform provides a secure, configurable, cloud-based solution for managing and integrating Standards within your organisational workflows. With our subscription service, you can keep your Standards up to date and ensure continuous compliance with FAA regulations.


FAA 150/5345-26E:2021
FAA Specification for L-823 Plug and Receptacle, Cable Connectors
FAA AC 150/5345-27F:2021
Wind Cone Assemblies
FAA JO 7340.2L:2021
FAA JO 7350.9Z:2021
Location Identifiers
FAA JO 7110.66G:2021
National Beacon Code Allocation Plan (NBCAP) (11/01/2021)
FAA JO 7360.1F:2021
Aircraft Type Designators
FAA JO 7200.23C:2021
Processing of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Requests
FAA N 8900.594:2021
Revised FAA-Approved Deicing Program Updates, Winter 2021–2022
FAA JO 7350.9Y:2021
Location Identifiers
FAA JO 7400.11F:2021
Airspace Designations and Reporting Points
FAA 5200.11A:2021
FAA Airports (ARP) Safety Management System
FAA 8800.2:2021
FAA Commercial Space Astronaut Wings Program
FAA JO 7400.2N
Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters
FAA JO 7210.3CC:2021
Facility Operation and Administration
FAA JO 7110.65Z:2021
Air Traffic Control
FAA JO 7110.10BB:2021
Flight Services
FAA JO 7000.6B:2021
Identification and Notification of Differences Between ATO Products and Services and ICAO Publications
FAA JO 7400.10C:2021
Special Use Airspace
FAA AC 61-142:2020
AC 61-142 - Sharing Aircraft Operating Expenses in Accordance with 14 CFR § 61.113 (c)
FAA AC 120-48:2020
FAA AC 120-91A:2020
Airport Obstacle Analysis
FAA AC 43.9-1G : 2019
Instructions for Completion of FAA Form 337
FAA 8400.13F : 2019
FAA AC 187-1N : 2019
Flight Standards Service Schedule of Charges Outside the United States

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