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Key Standards

Standards address a variety of processes, strategies and tasks in any organisation. Find popular Standards in our collections below that you may require within your organisation or industry. These are a great starting point to learn more about each industry, discover important Standards and the resources available to you.


Standards by Industry

Management Standards

Management solutions play a vital role in shaping the overall processes of any business, in any industry. Internationally recognised management Standards help form frameworks to oversee all areas of a business including quality, risk, environmental, energy, health & safety and more.
Popular Management Standards
Quality management systems - Requirements
Risk management - Guidelines
Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements
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Safety Standards

Safety measures across all industries aim to improve the overall personal and workplace health and wellbeing of everyone involved. Safety Standards improve employee and customer satisfaction, build trust among suppliers and consumers and ultimately create a safe workplace and community.
Popular Safety Standards
Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements
Consumer product safety - Guidelines for suppliers
Graphical symbols Safety colours and safety signs Registered safety signs
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Medical Device Standards

The medical device industry is demanding, where innovation is essential to keep moving forward with medical services, procedures and care. While striving to create better, safer and more reliable products and services, all current and future projects must work towards meeting the regulatory requirements.
Popular Medical Device Standards
Medical devices Application of risk management to medical devices
Medical devices Guidance on the application of ISO 14971
Medical devices Quality management systems Requirements for regulatory purposes
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Building and Construction Standards

The medical device industry is demanding, where innovation is essential to keep moving forward with medical services, procedures and care. While striving to create better, safer and more reliable products and services, all current and future projects must work towards meeting the regulatory requirements.
Popular Building Standards
The building and construction industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries. Implementing and complying to Standards can help improve quality of work and efficiencies across the business while prioritising the safety of employees and the community.
National Construction Code 2019 - Building Code of Australia Set (Includes Amendment 1)
Concrete structures
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Precision Engineering Standards

Precision engineering relies heavily on metrology, i.e. the science of measurement and by its very nature, demands ever heightening levels of accuracy. Standards provide a crucial service within precision engineering to ensure products, systems and services are reliable, safe and perform the way they were intended to.
Popular Engineering Standards
Additive manufacturing Design Requirements, guidelines and recommendations
Additive manufacturing General principles Terminology
American National Standard For Safe Use Of Lasers In Manufacturing Environments
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Mining Standard

The mining industry not only supports the ever-expanding demands of the modern world but can support entire nations. With the right information and guidance, organisations can feel confident that their operations and processes meet industry benchmarks and assist in creating an efficient and sustainable mining industry.
Popular Mining Standards
Structures for mine shafts — Part 2: Headframe structures
Mining Classification of mine accidents
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Electrical Standards

A standardised approach that enables the safe installation, maintenance and use of equipment is essential in every electrical business. Standards provide the important information needed to create a safe work environment, implement proper procedures for installations and guide use and maintenance of equipment.
Popular Electrical Standards
Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules)
Electrical installations - Construction and demolition sites
Safe working on or near low-voltage electrical installations and equipment
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Environmental Standards

Environmental management systems Requirements with guidance for use
Popular Environmental Standards
Environmental management systems Requirements with guidance for use
Environmental management systems Guidelines for a flexible approach to phased implementation
Energy management systems Requirements with guidance for use
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Consumer Product Standards

Standards in this industry assist organisations throughout the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers, guiding each in providing safe consumable products. They play an important role in establishing testing methods, quality checks, recall methods, compliance benchmarks and more.
Popular Consumer Product Standards
Consumer product safety - Guidelines for suppliers
Consumer product recall - Guidelines for suppliers
Product safety framework
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Information and Communication Technology Standards

Information and communication technology (ICT) has become an essential component of business operations and strategies. Standards play a vital role in providing a framework that enables organisations to navigate a variety of threats, prioritise business continuity, assist with interoperability and drive innovation in ICT.
Popular ICT Standards
Information technology Service management Part 1: Service management system requirements
Information technology Security techniques Information security management systems Requirements
Information technology Security techniques Code of practice for information security controls
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Infrastructure Standards

Standards guide organisations throughout every stage of a project including the construction, management and maintenance of the infrastructure used in society. From project planning to the materials used, Standards provide the framework to form sustainable and safe infrastructure development.
Popular Infrastructure Standards
Bridge design Concrete
Bridge design Steel and composite construction
Road signs - Specifications
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Import and Export Standards

When importing and exporting goods, complying to regulations specific to the region can significantly reduce time in bringing products to international markets. Standards assist many functions and departments of an organization to help them work together to reach new and international markets.
Popular Import and Export Standards
Security management systems for the supply chain Development of resilience in the supply chain
Ethical claims and supporting information Principles and requirements
Sustainable procurement Guidance
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Transport Standards

Transport (1)
Transport Standards are the backbone of infrastructure systems. There is a vast range, from Standards needed to build roads, to the ticketing systems used for public transit. Ultimately, transport Standards are key to shaping mobility and infrastructure.
Popular Transport Standards
Road safety barrier systems and devices Road safety devices
Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems — Requirements with guidance for use
Global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS) Radar transponder
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