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Mining Standards

Mining Standards

Mining shaping the future

The mining industry not only supports the ever-expanding demands of the modern world but can support entire nations. It forms the backbone to many countries and regions, where economical and employment benefits not only allow a nation to survive, but to thrive.

While working to meet demands, the industry must navigate a variety of process and operational challenges, where safety, environment, logistics and trade need to be considered and/or addressed. 

With the right information and guidance, provided by Standards, organisations can feel confident that their operations and processes meet industry benchmarks and assist in creating an efficient and sustainable mining industry.

Popular mining Standards

ANSI/ASSE Z117.1:2009 Safety requirements for entering confined spaces
ANSI/ASSE Z359.2:2017 Minimum Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program
ANSI/ASSE Z359.18:2017 Safety requirements for anchorage connectors for active fall protection systems
ANSI/ASSE Z490.1:2016 Criteria for accepted practices in safety, health and environmental training
AS/NZS 3007:2013 Electrical equipment in mines and quarries - Surface installations and associated processing plant
AS/NZS 4871 series Electrical equipment for mines and quarries
SA/SNZ HB 119:2019 Mines and quarries electrical protection
AS 3880:2017 Flow properties of coal
AS/NZS 4240.1:2009 Remote control systems for mining equipment Design, construction, testing, installation and commissioning (Reconfirmed 2021)
AS/NZS 4240.3:2013 Remote control systems for mining equipment Operation and maintenance for underground coal mining
AS/NZS 4871.1:2012 Electrical equipment for mines and quarries General requirements
AS/NZS 4871.5:2010 Electrical equipment for mines and quarries Battery powered electrical mobile machines
ISO 19426 series Structures for mine shafts
ISO 19434:2017 Mining - Classification of mine accidents
ISO 561:1989 Coal preparation plant - Graphical symbols
ISO 19224:2017 Continuous surface miners (CSM) - Safety requirements
ISO 18758-1:2018 Mining and earth-moving machinery - Rock drill rigs and rock reinforcement rigs - Part 1: Vocabulary

ISO 6805:2020

Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for underground mining Wire-reinforced hydraulic types for coal mining Specification
ISO 23380:2022 Coal - Selection of methods for the determination of trace elements - Guidance and requirements
ISO 23875:2021 Mining Air quality control systems for operator enclosures Performance requirements and test methods
ISO 21795-1:2021 Mine closure and reclamation planning Part 1: Requirements
ISO 23872:2021 Mining structures Underground structures
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Mining and minerals

Mining and Minerals

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Standards are important throughout all mining processes to ensure safety and quality requirements are met, equipment for mining and processing materials are implemented properly as well as providing a deep understanding for the materials being mined.

Standardisation in the oil and gas industry

Standardisation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Standardisation around the world

Standards govern the design, operation, manufacture, and use of almost everything that mankind produces. There are Standards that protect the environment, human health, safety and technology.

Safe and Sustainable with Standards Mining Industry

A safe and sustainable mining industry with Standards

Stepping towards sustainability in mining

To say the mining industry is diverse is an understatement. It's an evolving industry that demands constant advancements while reducing costs, all while remaining compliant.