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Buyer's Guide to Standards

Need help with Standards requirements?

Standards are essential to any business that wishes to improve their processes, policies and strategies. They provide guidance on how you can use industry best-practice information to stay compliant and make informed decisions.

This buyer's guide has been created to help you understand the important role Standards play, how to find a management solution that suits your organisation and discover the features that are designed to make access to Standards simple.

What's included in the guide

  • Why do businesses need Standards and how to make them work for you
  • 8 benefits of Standards including operational and economical
  • Managing Standards across your organisation with 4 initial steps you need to address
  • How to support your organisation and teams including administrators and all users
  • Features that support Standards usage and sharing to further enhance and customise your experience
  • How to know if a solution is tailored to your specific needs and how a operations review and information audit help
  • Regain control of your Standards spending in your business with optimisation and forecasting
  • Case study of Saipem that demonstrates the power of accessing Standards in a global team