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8 Benefits of Standards for your Business

Compliance with Standards has a range of benefits for organisations, consumers, governments and the community at large.

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Helping you power up your world with Standards

Standards can affect an organisation's quality, lead-time, supply chain management and costs. They make trade across international borders easier and promote global competition, having a positive impact on economies.

Standards provide consumers with confidence in the quality and safety of products and services. In doing all of this, Standards impact communities and economies across the globe. Looking at the impact to business only, Standards help organisations by:

1. Reducing Costs

Lowering costs through minimising errors, redundancies and increasing productivity.

2. Efficiency 

Improving quality, safety, and lead-time of products and services.

3. Mitigating Risks

Identifying and mitigating risks within their business and supply chain.

4. Consistency

Lowering research and development costs and improving speed to market by building on previously standardised technology or systems.

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5. Customer Confidence

Promoting acceptance of product or services into the marketplace by increasing customer confidence in their safety and quality.

6. Uniformity

Providing uniformity of units of measurement, enabling accuracy and confidence in commercial transactions locally and globally.

7. Eliminate Trade Borders

Helping products, services and staff move across trade borders, reducing technical barriers to international trade.

8. Universal Vendor Requirements

Improving supply chain management by establishing common requirements for all vendors to comply with.

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Standards Management

Standards Management

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Standards for Sustainable Cities

Shaping management processes, services and response to risks

Smart cities and communities are using standards to shape their management processes, services and response to risks in order to become sustainable and resilient.

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Relying on Standards in a ‘new’ world

Standards leading the way forward

To assist with this transition into the 'new' world, Standards can provide the information needed to identify and improve strategies, processes and policies.