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In a world where innovation and progress are constant, the role of Standards across all industries has never been more important. From the meticulous precision required in medical device manufacturing to the sturdy foundations of building and construction, and the intricacies of precision engineering, the adherence to established standards plays a pivotal role in ensuring quality, safety, and reliability.

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4 ways to empower business with Sustainability challenges

4 Ways to empower Business with Sustainability Challenges

International Standards and Sustainability

As businesses start to place more importance on sustainability goals and practices, International Standards play a large role as the ultimate tools to help achieve these goals.


The Ultimate Guide to ISO/IEC 42001

Information Technology - Artificial intelligence

The Standard supports organisations to ask the right questions to help create rules for using artificial intelligence wisely. It acts as a guidebook to make sure an organisation's rules match what they do and their goals.


Introducing Intertek Inform

Rebrand Announcement

As a leading distributor of standards, Intertek Inform provides Standards and Regulatory solutions to facilitate market access. Our collection of 1.6 million Standards from 360+ publishers ensure our customers get faster to market.

Construction and Engineering

Guide to lighting Standards

Guide to Australian Lighting Standards

Lighting Standards for all construction projects

Indoor and outdoor lighting have vastly different requirements based on the location and activity performed. From working in an office, to lighting a tunnel - projects should meet the benchmarks as stated in their relevant Standards.

What is the National Construction Code (NCC)

What is the NCC and why is it Important?

Learn about The National Construction Code (NCC)

It keeps Australians safe by outlining technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures throughout Australia. The NCC is a comprehensive code that covers all buildings and more.

challenges in aerospace engineering

Overcoming Challenges in Aerospace Engineering with Standards

Importance of Standards in the aerospace engineering industry

Working in aerospace engineering means an ongoing responsibility to remain compliant and prioritise safety of all involved. Standards are in place to constantly monitor every detail of production, and often the very diverse supply chain.

Transport and Infrastructure

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Warehouse and Inventory Management

Quality Management Systems

Managing a small business requires constant evaluation to stay on track to success. Two important processes to help reach business goals and targets are warehouse and inventory management.

Standards Keeping you Safe on the Road

Standards Keeping you Safe on the Road

Road traffic safety (RTS) around the world

Transportation has come a long way in the past few decades with a focus on intelligence, comfort and sustainability. As new technology shapes how people travel, Standards keep the focus on safety.

Painting Standards

Why There’s More Than Meets the Eye With Painting

Painting has many roles in building and construction

Painting is a crucial part of buildings, and architects, trades people, building owners and building managers alike should be aware of the importance of a building or material being well painted and adhering to the right Standards.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity, Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

A focus on Business Continuity

Business continuity, preparedness and disaster recovery

In a time of crisis, there are business continuity strategies that can improve organisational resilience. This planning can assist throughout all stages of a crisis, including prevention, preparation, responsiveness and recovery.

Lessons in Business Continuity thanks to COVID-19

Lessons in Business Continuity thanks to COVID-19

The reality of risks

The magnitude of COVID-19 is teaching a hard-learned lesson to many businesses about the business continuity and risk management systems they need to have in place.

5 Standards assisting with business continuity in times of crisis

5 Standards key to Business Continuity

Prepare for the unexpected with a business continuity strategy

To assist in with establishing or updating a business continuity management system, there are many Standards an organisation can implement to feel confident when preparing for and responding to a crisis.

Medical Devices

MDR 2021

Understanding the delay of MDR2020

The Medical Devices Regulation 2020

The transition started in May 2017, and was due to finish in May 2020. There has been an enormous global effort across the industry to meet the new regulations by it's May 2020 deadline, when all previous MDD will become void.

Understanding ISO 14971 2019

Understanding ISO 14971:2019

The medical device risk management Standard

The third edition of ISO 14971:2019 was published in December 2019 and provides a thorough process for manufacturers within the medical device industry to assess, monitor, and control risks in the creation and use of a medical device.


The Power of Predictability in Medical Devices

Predictability in challenging times within the MedDev industry

Challenging times arise from unpredictable circumstances. Predictability usually translates into low risk situations, whereas unpredictability usually translates into varying types of risk (including residual or inherent risks).

Energy and Renewables

Safe and Sustainable with Standards Mining Industry

A safe and sustainable mining industry with Standards

Stepping towards sustainability in mining

To say the mining industry is diverse is an understatement. It's an evolving industry that demands constant advancements while reducing costs, all while remaining compliant.

Global interoperability in the oil and gas industry

Global interoperability in the Oil and Gas Industry

ISO 15926 in the oil and gas industry

Technology's driving purpose is to make our lives easier. Technology in all its evolving forms helps humans go about their lives more efficiently. But what happens when technologies diverge and advance separately in parallel streams?

Oil and Gas Value Chain

Oil & Gas Value Chain

The oil and gas industry supply chain is complex. There are various moving parts and systems to extract, produce and distribute oil & gas products that are so commonly used in everyday life.



Standards for Sustainable Cities

Shaping management processes, services and response to risks

Smart cities and communities are using standards to shape their management processes, services and response to risks in order to become sustainable and resilient.

Top 5 Environmental Standards

Top 5 Environmental Standards to help your business

Quality Management Systems

With organisations expected to address environmental issues as part of their business model, the implementation of environmental standards is now more important than ever.

CCreating a world that is better, fairer and sustainable with Standards

A Better Fairer Sustainable World with Standards

World Standards Day shines a light on the importance of Standards

World Standards Day offers an opportunity to celebrate those who have contributed to developing the millions of Standards that we use and encounter every day.


Control Costs and Enhance Profitability

Control Costs and Enhance Profitability

5 Ways procurement helps budgets and profitability

When spending and procurement are conducted with a strategic and risk management based approach, unnecessary costs can be controlled and a businesses' profitability increases.

Standards for Procurement Teams

Standards for Procurement Teams

5 Ways procurement teams can utilise Standards

With businesses, suppliers, customers and the community prioritising the need for sustainable and ethical choices throughout all business processes - procurement plays an important role in aligning expectations in the decision-making process.

The Importance of Procurement

The Importance of Procurement

Procurement plays a crucial role in supply chain management

Procurement is the process of sourcing and acquiring goods and services that a company needs to fulfil its business model. It deals with the sourcing activities, negotiation, and strategic selection of goods and services needed by the business.


Technology shaping the logistics industry

Technology Shaping the Logistics Industry

Three technologies shaping the future of the logistics industry

The logistics industry is transforming to make way for the demands of the future. Continually looking for improvements to reduce travel times and increase efficiencies overall, technological advancements play a vital role in this transformation.

3 Ways 5G is Changing the Logistics Industry

3 Ways 5G is Changing the Logistics Industry

The future is here, and the future is fast.

5G networks are spreading around the world, increasing efficiency and efficacy of industries everywhere. Within the logistics industry, 5G will have particularly positive and powerful effects.