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Process for Delivery of Volumetric Modular Buildings

The construction industry is experiencing skilled labour shortages, rising labour costs, and low construction productivity.

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CSA Z250:2021, Process for delivery of volumetric modular buildings

Modular building can help address these challenges, yet authorities regulating buildings construction are often not familiar with the method. Lack of codified guidance for modular projects also prevents this method from being used more widely. CSA Z250:2021, a new National Standard of Canada, can help increase the confidence of industry stakeholders in modular construction as an effective, efficient and resilient building process.

CSA Z250:2021 specifies procedures for the entire modular construction process, from design, manufacturing, transportation to site work, installation, finishing, commissioning and handover of the modular building.

The Standard outlines roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders throughout the modular project. This can help facilitate smoother and faster inspections, approvals and project completion times.

CSA Z250:2021 can be used by designers, manufacturers, building owners and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs).


Standard Highlights

The first edition of CSA 250:2021:

  • outlines the process of modular construction from design to handover of the modular building;
  • highlights the key differences between traditional and modular construction;
  • provides minimum requirements for various stages of the modular construction project;
  • maps the general approval process and roles and responsibilities of stakeholders at different project stages;
  • sets requirements for manufacturer quality control programs; and
  • provides additional informative annexes with an overview of applicable building codes and regulations, modular construction tolerances, an example of a scope of work chart and project delivery methods.

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Related Standards

CSA A277:2016 (R2021)

This Standard specifies the procedure for certification of prefabricated buildings, and partially or fully enclosed modules and panels for buildings of any occupancy.

CSA Z240 MH SERIES:2016 (R2021)

This Standard specifies general requirements for manufactured homes, including technical requirements, and requirements on quality control, markings and provision of printed instructions.

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CSA Z250 21

CSA Z250:2021

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Process for delivery of volumetric modular buildings