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AS 2809.2:2020



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Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods Road tank vehicles for flammable liquids

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The objective of this Standard is to provide designers, planners, operators and regulators with technical requirements for road tank vehicles, as described in the scope of AS 2809.1, that transport flammable liquids, being dangerous goods of Class 3 or having a subsidiary hazard of Class 3 as defined in the Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code.

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This Standard specifies requirements for the design, construction, inspection and testing of road tank vehicles for the transport of flammable liquids.

Originated as part of AS 2016-1977.
Revised and redesignated as AS 2809.2-1985. Previous edition 2008.
Fifth edition 2020. Originated as part of AS 2016-1977. Revised and redesignated as AS 2809.2-1985. Previous edition 2008. Fifth edition 2020.

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AS 2809.1:2020 Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods General requirements for all road tank vehicles

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