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AS 3498-2009


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Authorization requirements for plumbing products - Water heaters and hot-water storage tanks
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Sets out the uniform requirements that regulatory authorities may apply in Australia for basic safety and public health issues relating to the use of water heaters and hot-water storage tanks.

This Standard specifies the basic requirements related to safety and public health for water heaters and hot-water storage tanks that are intended for connection to a potable water supply, such as - (a) storage water heaters;(b) heat-exchange water heaters;(c) hot-water storage tanks with an external energy source;(d) instantaneous water heaters; and(e) boiling-water dispensers.This Standard applies to water heaters using any type of heating, irrespective of the source of the heat energy imparted to the water, including electric resistance, gas, liquid or solid fuels, heat pumps, waste-heat recovery systems, solar energy or any other means of heating potable water.In addition to the requirements of this Standard, additional requirements may be applicable for early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools and nursing homes or similar facilities for young, aged, sick or disabled persons, as set out in AS/NZS 3500.This Standard does not include requirements affecting the durability of water heaters, except those applying to safety devices. It does not apply to steam generators, sterilizers, washing machines, wash boilers, urns, kettles, or hot-water supply systems intended solely for space heating, swimming pools, spa pools or industrial processes.NOTE: The installation of water heaters and hot-water supply systems is covered by AS/NZS 3500.4 and AS/NZS 3500.5.

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Content within this standard has been reprinted with permission from the ASSE International Chapter of IAPMO (“ASSE”). This copyright material and all points or statements in using this material have not been reviewed by ASSE or IAPMO. The opinions expressed herein are not representations of fact from ASSE or IAPMO. This material may not be extracted or reproduced using copy/paste functions.
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First published as AS 3888(Int)-1991.Revised and redesignated AS 3498(Int)-1993.Revised and designated AS 3498-1995.Third edition 2003.Fourth edition 2009. Originated as AS3888(Int)-1991. Previous edition AS3498-1995. Fourth edition 2009.

AS/NZS 2712:2007 Solar and heat pump water heaters - Design and construction (Reconfirmed 2020)
AS 1349-1986 Bourdon tube pressure and vacuum gauges (Reconfirmed 2018)
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AS 3688-2005 Water supply - Metallic fittings and end connectors
AS/NZS 60335.2.21:2002 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety Particular requirements for storage water heaters (IEC 60335-2-21 Ed 5.2, MOD)
AS 4552-2005 Gas fired water heaters for hot water supply and/or central heating
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AS/NZS 3500.0:2003 Plumbing and drainage Glossary of terms
AS 1357.1-2009 Valves primarily for use in heated water systems Protection valves

AS/NZS 3500.4:2015 Plumbing and drainage Heated water services
AS/NZS 3500.5:2012 Plumbing and drainage Housing installations
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AS/NZS 3500.4:2018 Plumbing and drainage Heated water services
AS/NZS 5125.1:2014 Heat pump water heaters - Performance assessment Air source heat pump water heaters

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