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BS 4480-8:1984



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Plain bearings: metric series Specification for dimensions, tolerances and methods of checking of thin-walled flanged half bearings

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National foreword
Committees responsible
1 Scope and field of application
2 References
3 Definition
4 Symbols
5 Main dimensions and tolerances
6 Method of checking peripheral length
1 Housing diameter, inside diameters, wall
    thicknesses, outside diameter of flange and distance
    between flanges
2 Tolerances for measured nip SN and wall thickness eT
3 Tolerances for distances between flanges, housing
    width, bearing width, flange thickness and outside
    diameter of flange
4 Dimensions of locating nicks and notch recesses and
    tolerances for the distance from the locating nick
    to the flange
5 Dimensions and tolerance of relief of joint face
6 Dimensions and tolerances of the relief of the
7 Minimum height (and width) of transition
8 Dimensions and tolerances of grooves on the flange
9 Dimensions and tolerances of oil holes on the flange
1 Flanged half bearing
2 Eccentric bore
3a Locating nick
3b Notch recess in the housing
4 Joint face bore relief
5 Flange reliefs
6 Two types of transition between radial part and
7 Position of the annular groove and oil hole in the
    radial part of the bore
8 Preferred groove forms
9 Groove form on the flange face
10 Oil hole form
11 Fixture for checking peripheral length

Specifies the main dimensions and tolerances for thin-walled flanged half bearings used in reciprocating machinery, suitable for housings having inside diameters from 40 to 250 mm.

This International Standard lays down the main dimensions and tolerances for thin-walled flanged half bearings used in reciprocating machinery. It is not expected that all flanged half bearings with the main dimensions listed will be available from stock but adoption of standard sizes should lead to economies in tooling costs.

The main dimensions and tolerances are fixed for a series of thin-walled flanged half bearings suitable for housings having inside diameters from40 to 250 mm. Flanged half bearings for larger or smaller inside diameters are only rarely used.

This International Standard also lays down dimensions and tolerances for characteristics features of thin-walled flanged half bearings. The introduction of such features into a particular design is a decision that shall be made by the user in the light of his knowledge of the application. Flanged half bearings are generally used in connection with half bearings without flange according to ISO 3548.

Alternatively to serve as a flanged half bearing, it is admittedly possible to use a prefitted assembly of a half bearing without flange with two half thrust washers, the specifications of which should be agreed between user and manufacturer, taking acount of ISO 3548 and ISO 6526.

NOTE All the dimensions and tolerances are expressed in millimetres unless otherwise indicated.

Reviewed and confirmed by BSI, March, 2004. (11/2004) Also numbered as ISO 6864 Supersedes 82/74097 DC (08/2005)
British Standards Institution

BS 7679:1993 Plain bearings. Quality control techniques and inspection of geometrical and material quality characteristics
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