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BS 7675:1993


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Plain bearings. Thin-walled half bearings. Checking of peripheral length
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Committees responsible
National foreword
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
4 Symbols
5 Purpose of checking
6 Checking methods
7 Choice and designation of checking method
8 Measuring equipment
9 Measuring equipment requirements
10 Gauging tools for establishing the datum
11 Checking block requirements
12 Master shell and comparison shell requirements
13 Correction factors
14 Typical checking procedures
15 Condition of the half-bearings to be checked
16 Measuring errors
17 Accuracy of methods used
18 Specifications on bearing drawings
19 Specifications for the control of the checking
A (normative) Determination of the correction factor
     of the master checking block - Method A
B (normative) Determination of the correction factor
     of the master checking block - Method B
C (normative) Determination of the correction factor
     of the series checking block used alone
D (normative) Determination of the correction factor
     of the master shell of comparison shell
E (normative) Tests and calculations of
     repeatability, reproducibility and comparability
1 Nip, a
2 Principle of method A
3 Principle of method B
4 Typical measuring equipment with one column, for
     method A
5 Typical measuring equipment with two columns, for
     method B
6 Checking block
7 Master shell
8 Stepped master shell not suitable for checking
     bearings of uniform wall thickness
A.1 Untitled
A.2 Untitled
A.3 Untitled
B.1 Untitled
B.2 Untitled
B.3 Untitled

Specifies the methods for checking the measuring equipment and gauging tools used when measuring peripheral length.

This International Standard specifies methods of checking the measuring equipment and gauging tools necessary for measuring the peripheral length (or nip or crush) of thin-walled half-bearings.

Thin-walled half-bearings are flexible and, in the free condition, do not conform to a cylindrical profile. This is one reason why the peripheral length of the half-bearings can only be measured under a constraining load by use of specialized measuring equipment.

Measuring equipment different from that illustrated in this International Standard can be used, providing the measuring accuracy of the equipment is consistent with the specifications given in clause 17.

This International Standard does not include measurement of the joint face taper.

It applies to thin-walled half-bearings, the specifications of which are given in ISO 3548 and ISO 6864.

Reviewed and confirmed by BSI, March, 2004. (11/2004) Also numbered as ISO 6524 Supersedes 89/78345 DC (10/2005)
British Standards Institution

BS 4480-8:1984 Plain bearings: metric series Specification for dimensions, tolerances and methods of checking of thin-walled flanged half bearings
BS 4480-5:1979 Plain bearings: metric series Dimensions, tolerances and methods of checking thin-walled half bearings

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