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AS 4846-2004



An Available Superseded Standard is one, which has been made available for a period of time although it has been formally superseded by another Standard. Its availability is maintained where it is referenced in legislation/regulations or in other Standards and its use should be restricted to where so referenced. No responsibility is taken by Intertek Inform as to the ongoing technical validity of such a Standard, the responsibility resting with the referencing authority.

Health care provider identification

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Provides the health industry with a specific Standard for Health Care Provider Identification for clinical and administrative data management purposes which promotes uniformly good practice in identifying individual providers and recording identifying data; this will assist significantly in ensuring that records relating to each individual provider will be associated with that individual or organization and no other.

This Standard is a voluntary code of practice. It provides a framework for improving the positive identification of health care providers. This Standard applies in respect of all providers of health care services to the Australian health care system. It defines demographic and other identifying data elements suited to capture and use for identification in health care settings and provides guidance on their application. It also makes recommendations about the nature and form of health care provider identifiers. Accordingly this Standard includes only the minimum dataset required for unambiguous identification. It is recognized that specific applications such as provider directories or service locators will require additional data to fulfil their purposes. The Standard provides a generic set of identifying information which is application independent.

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Standards Australia

First published as AS 4846-2004.

AS 4590-1999 Interchange of client information
AS/NZS 7799.2:2003 Information security management Specification for information security management systems
AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17799:2001 Information technology - Code of practice for information security management
AS 5017-2002 Health Care Client Identification
AS 4700.1-1998 Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.3 - Patient administration

AS/NZS 4700.1:2005 Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.4 Patient administration
AS 4700.1-2005 Implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2.4 - Patient administration

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