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Materials Infobase

Materials Infobase

All your materials needs on Materials Infobase

What is Materials Infobase?

Available on i2i as an annual, networkable subscription, Materials Infobase is a database of 115,000+ plastics, rubbers, additives, adhesives, fibres, ceramics, composites, resins and more. It contains extensive details of nonmetallic materials and products where all information is compiled directly from manufacturer data sheets, ensuring accuracy. It combines a Materials, Standards and Supplier's database into one content hub.

Without an efficient way to source for this information, how can you:

  • Decide which material to use from the huge number of competing products, properties & suppliers around the world
  • Identify comparable products with equivalent properties
  • Determine if you have selected the right material for your application

What you can expect

  • A general description of the materials
  • Detailed information on material properties including mechanical, physical, thermal, impact, electrical, processing and more
  • Links to supplier contact details
  • Ability to search for comparable materials from other suppliers by each material property
  • Links to detailed bibliographic records of applicable test method Standards, complete with a convenient Standards purchasing facility
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