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Identify what's changed in new Standards with Redlines

Easily identify the differences between old and new versions of Standards with Redlines. Redlines assists when a new version of a Standard is released as it identifies which parts have changed from the prior version. We offer three different services, so you can choose the one most suitable for your needs.

Publisher Redline

Identifies the sections of a new Standard that have changed and is created by the publisher. Available in Hardcopy, PDF and Click2View formats and includes certain publishers. 

Intertek Inform Redline

Identifies the changes within a new Standard but created by Intertek Inform with permission of the publisher. It is available to i2i users who subscribe to the main Standard. It is only available in certain formats and includes certain publishers. 

Redline Report

This is not the Standard, but a report in Excel format listing which sections have changed. Available only as a service to i2i users who already subscribe to the main Standard. This service is available for all publishers Intertek Inform has subscription rights for, except where the Publisher Redline is available.

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