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AS 1546.4:2016



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On-site domestic wastewater treatment units Domestic greywater treatment systems

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Specifies requirements for the performance, design, installation and testing of domestic greywater treatment systems (DGTS) and associated fittings for single domestic dwellings where adequate backflow protection is provided in accordance with AS/NZS3500.1.

This Standard sets out requirements for the design, commissioning, performance, installation and conformity testing of domestic greywater treatment systems (DGTSs) and associated fittings for single domestic premises where backflow protection is provided in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.1.DGTSs covered by this Standard are those designed for greywater flows up to a maximum of 1000 L/d, from a population equivalent of up to 10 persons (see Note 3).NOTES: 1 It is not intended that this Standard preclude the use of a DGTS in premises other than single residential applications, provided the source greywater is from domestic activities and the regulatory requirements for that application and jurisdiction are satisfied.A DGTS that is suitable for treating a given residential population equivalent may not be suitable for some non-residential sites such as restaurants, colleges and offices. The composition of the greywater from such sources may be significantly different to those from residential sources.2 Guidance on installation, operation and maintenance of DGTSs is provided in Appendices E and F respectively.3 DGTSs designed with larger capacities may operate successfully when conforming to this Standard. However, care is needed to ensure that there are no additional technical issues that might influence performance. Simple linear scaling-up is not always appropriate, and more specific design and testing may be necessary.

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First published as AS 1546.4:2016. First published as AS1546.4:2016.

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