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AS 5804.3-2010



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High-voltage live working Stick work

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Specifies requirements for live high-voltage stick work. It is intended for use with AS5804.1.

This Standard sets out the minimum industry standards for live high-voltage stick work. The principles may be enhanced or supplemented provided this does not result in reduced safety standards. THIS PART OF THE STANDARD SHALL ALWAYS BE READ IN CONJUNCTION WITH PART 1: GENERALThis Standard applies to all work performed on live high-voltage electrical apparatus where the stick work method is used. Certain forms of work, such as operating work as defined in Part 1, are not be considered a live method and are not necessarily intended to be covered by this Standard.This Standard does not constitute a live work training manual nor does it set down live work procedures. These procedures and techniques are to be developed in accordance with the principles in this Standard by the network operator or service provider for inclusion in their live work manual.The objectives of this Standard are - (a) to ensure the safety of the live worker and the general public at the worksite; and(b) to specify the minimum standards required for work and equipment for the stick work method. This Standard does not apply to live work sticks manufactured from wood.This Standard applies to voltages up to and including 500 kV.

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First published as AS 5804.3-2010.

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