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BS 1319:1976



A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

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A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

Specification for medical gas cylinders, valves and yoke connections

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Cooperating organizations
1 Scope
2 References
3 Construction
4 Cylinder outlet valves
5 Connecting yoke for pin-index valve
6 Basic dimensions for pin-index yoke-type valve
7 Permissible alternatives for the construction of
    pin-index yoke-type valve connections
8 Dimensions and positions of the holes and pins for
    yoke-type valve connections
9 Identification of cylinders
A Recommendations for the care and handling of medical
    gas cylinders, valves and yoke connections
B British Standard colours for medical gas cylinders
C Safety in the use of medical gas cylinders
D Unit type storage rack for medical gas cylinders
1 Basic dimensions for pin-index yoke-type valve
2 Identification colours for medical gas cylinders
1 Valve spindle ends
2 Two-pin system
3 Single-pin system
4 First alternative
5 Second alternative
6 Outlet connection for oxygen
7 Outlet connection for oxygen/carbon dioxide mixtures
    (carbon dioxide not exceeding 7 %)
8 Outlet connection for oxygen/helium mixtures (helium
    not exceeding 80%)
9 Outlet connection for ethylene
10 Outlet connection for nitrous oxide
11 Outlet connection for cyclopropane
12 Outlet connection for helium and for helium/oxygen
    mixtures (oxygen less than 20 %)
13 Outlet connection for carbon dioxide and for carbon
    dioxide/oxygen mixtures (carbon dioxide exceeding
    7 %)
14 Outlet connection for medical air
15 Outlet connection for a special mixture of 50 %
    oxygen and 50 % nitrous oxide
16 Marking of contents, capacity and tare
17 Bull-nosed valve
18 Pin-index valve
19 Handwheel valve
20 Dust cap removed
21 Attachment of regulator or yoke
22 Opening of the cylinder valve
23 Tightening the gland nut
24 Securing of cylinders
25 Suggested unit type storage rack

Cylinders,their valve outlets and connections of the pin-index type. Appendices give recommendations for the care and handling of the equipment.

British Standards Institution

BS 4272-3:1989 Anaesthetic and analgesic machines Specification for continuous flow anaesthetic machines
BS 341-1:1991 Transportable gas container valves Specification for industrial valves for working pressures up to and including 300 bar
BS 5430-6:1994 Periodic inspection, testing and maintenance of transportable gas containers (excluding dissolved acetylene containers) Specification for seamless steel and aluminium alloy containers having a water capacity of less than 0.5 litre
BS 5045-2:1989 Transportable gas containers Specification for steel containers of 0.5 L up to 450 L water capacity with welded seams
BS 1710:1984 Specification for identification of pipelines and services
BS 5252:1976 Framework for colour co-ordination for building purposes
BS 5724-1:1979 Medical electrical equipment Specification for general safety requirements
BS 4001-2:1967 Care and maintenance of underwater breathing apparatus Standard diving equipment
BS 4272-1:1968 Anaesthetic and analgesic machines Anaesthetic machines of the on-demand type supplied with nitrous oxide and oxygen from separate containers
BS 4272-2:1996 Anaesthetic and analgesic machines Specification for intermittent (demand) flow analgesic machines for use with 50/50% (V/V) nitrous oxide and oxygen

BS 1319C:1976 Colours for the identification of the contents of medical gas cylinders
BS 341-1:1962 Transportable gas container valves Valves with taper stems (excluding valves used for breathing and medical purposes)
ISO 407:2004 Small medical gas cylinders Pin-index yoke-type valve connections

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