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HB 31-1992



A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

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A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

Handbook of building construction tolerances - Extracts from building products and structures Standards

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Contains selected extracts from Standards for building products and structures relevant to construction tolerances. This handbook was prepared for the benefit of persons in the building design and construction industries. Extracts from available commentaries to Australian Standards are also included. Clause numbers in these commentary extracts correspond to those in the related Standard and are prefixed with the letter 'C'.

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Standards Australia

First published as HB31-1992.

AS 1540-1974 Timber frames and sashes for windows
AS 2338-1980 Preferred dimensions of wrought metal products
AS 1225-1984 Clay building bricks
AS 2876-1987 Concrete kerbs and channels (gutters) - Manually or machine placed
AS O98-1966 Seasoned size-matched framing timber (including finger-jointed pieces) from South-eastern Australian hardwoods
AS 3610-1995 Formwork for concrete
AS 1397-1993 Steel sheet and strip - Hot-dipped zinc-coated or aluminium/zinc-coated
AS 2785-1985 Suspended ceilings - Design and installation
AS 2908.1-1992 Cellulose-cement products Corrugated sheets
AS 1445-1986 Hot-dipped zinc-coated or aluminium/zinc-coated steel sheet - 76 mm pitch corrugated
AS 4100-1990 Steel structures
AS 3610 SUPP 2-1996 Formwork for concrete - Commentary (Supplement to AS 3610-1995)
AS 4100 SUPP 1-1990 Steel structures - Commentary (Supplement to AS 4100-1990)
AS 2796-1985 Timber - Seasoned hardwood - Milled products
AS 2047-1999 Windows in buildings - Selection and installation
AS 2733-1984 Concrete masonry units
AS 3700 SUPP 1-1999 Masonry structures - Commentary (Supplement to AS 3700-1998)
AS 3600-1994 Concrete structures
AS 2783-1992 Use of reinforced concrete for small swimming pools
AS 2160-1984 Contract for the supply and construction of a swimming pool
AS 2208-1978 Safety glazing materials for use in buildings (human impact considerations)
AS 3600 SUPP 1-1994 Concrete structures - Commentary (Supplement to AS 3600-1994)
AS 3850.2-1990 Tilt-up concrete and precast concrete elements for use in buildings - Guide to design, casting and erection of tilt-up panels
AS 1261-1972 Wood mosaic parquet
AS 1653-1985 Calcium silicate building bricks
AS 2146-1978 Performance of timber window assemblies
AS 3700-1988 Masonry in buildings (known as the SAA Masonry Code)
AS 2908.2-1992 Cellulose-cement products - Flat sheets

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