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SN EN 1319 : 2010


A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

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A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

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Published date


1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
  3.1 Appliance and its constituent parts
  3.2 Adjusting, control and safety devices
  3.3 Operation of the appliance
  3.4 Gases
  3.5 Conditions of operation and measurement
  3.6 Classification
4 Construction and design requirements
  4.1 General
  4.2 Adjusting, control and safety devices
  4.3 Ignition devices
  4.4 Flame supervision system
  4.5 Start-gas flame establishment
  4.6 Main flame establishment
  4.7 Main burner
  4.8 Facility for remote control
  4.9 Thermostats and control of air temperature
  4.10 Gas pressure test points
5 Operational requirements
  5.1 Safety of operation
  5.2 Efficiency
6 Test methods
  6.1 General
  6.2 Construction and design
  6.3 Safety of operation
  6.4 Efficiency
7 Marking and instructions
  7.1 Marking of the appliance
  7.2 Marking of the packaging
  7.3 Utilization of symbols on the appliance and
  7.4 Instructions
Table 1 - Classification of gases
Table 2 - Valving requirements
Table 3 - Characteristics of the test gases
Table 4 - Calorific values of the test gases of the third
Table 5 - Test gases corresponding to the appliance
Table 6 - Test pressures
Table 7 - V[CO2,N], values
Table 8 - Accuracy of measurement
Table 9 - Gas type symbols
Table A.1.1 - Single categories marketed
Table A.1.2 - Double categories marketed
Table A.2 - Normal supply pressures
Table A.3 - Test gas corresponding to categories marketed
            nationally or locally
Table A.4
Table A.5 - Inlet connections permitted
Table A.6
Table D.1
Table ZA.1 - Identification form on the compliance of EN 1319
             with the essential requirements of the EU
             Directive 90/396/EEC on the approximation of the
             laws of Member States concerning gas appliances
Figure 1 - Examples of typical valve systems (
Figure 2 - Test of an appliance under abnormal draught
           conditions (,
Figure 3 - Test apparatus for type C1 appliances (
Figure 4 - Test apparatus for type C3 appliances - Flat roof
Figure 5 - Test apparatus for type C3 appliances - angled roof
Figure 6 - C6 test duct system (
Figure 7 - C6 test duct system - Position of restrictor
Figure 8 - C6 test duct system - Detail of restrictor
Figure 9 - C6 test duct system for recirculation test
Figure 10 - Positions of sensors for overheat protection
            test (6.3.7)
Figure 11 - Test apparatus for combustion products discharge
            safety device (type B12BS, B13BS and B14BS
Figure 12 - Sampling probe for C6 appliances (
Figure 13 - Sampling probe for type B12, B13, B14, C32 and C33
            appliances with an outlet diameter of 100 mm or
            more (6.4.2)
Figure 14 - Location of the sampling probe for type B12, B13,
            B14, C32 and C33 appliances with an outlet
            diameter of 100 mm or more (6.4.2)
Figure 15 - Sampling probe for type B12, B13, B14, C32 and
            C33 appliances with an outlet diameter of less
            than 100 mm (6.4.2)
Figure 16 - Sampling probe for type C12 and C13 appliances
Figure 17 - Location of the probe for type C12 and C13
            appliances (6.4.2)
Figure 18 - Mean specific heat of dry products of combustion
Figure C.1 - Maximum permitted recirculation of the
             combustion products
Figure C.2 - Recycling device for pressure loss test (see
Figure C.3 - Relationship of terminal and wind direction for
             wind test (C.2.5)
Annex A (informative) National situations
Annex B (informative) Equivalence rules
Annex C (normative) Requirements and tests for the ducting of
                    C6 appliances
Annex D (informative) Means of identification of the various
                      types of gas in force in the various
Annex E (informative) A-deviations
Annex F (normative) Special national conditions
Annex ZA (informative) Clauses of this European Standard
                       addressing requirements of provisions
                       of EU Directives

Defines the requirements and test procedures for safety and efficiency of domestic gas-fired air heaters, with a fan to assist the transporting of combustion air and/or combustion products.

Swiss Standards

Standards Relationship
NEN EN 1319 : 2010 Identical
BS EN 1319:2009 Identical
EN 1319:2009 Identical
NS EN 1319 : 2009 Identical
I.S. EN 1319:2009 Identical
NBN EN 1319 : 2010 Identical
UNI EN 1319 : 2010 Identical
NF EN 1319 : 2010 Identical
UNE-EN 1319:2010 Identical
DIN EN 1319:2010-06 Identical

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