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SN EN 1340 : 2003 + CORR 2007



The latest, up-to-date edition.


Published date


1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Requirements for materials
   4.1 General
   4.2 Asbestos
5 Requirements for products
   5.1 General
   5.2 Shape and dimensions
   5.3 Physical and mechanical properties
   5.4 Visual aspects
6 Evaluation of conformity criteria
   6.1 General
   6.2 Type testing of the product
   6.3 Factory production control
7 Marking
8 Test report
Annex A (informative) Inspection schemes
      A.1 Equipment inspection
      A.2 Materials inspection
      A.3 Production process inspection
      A.4 Product Inspection
      A.5 Switching rules
Annex B (normative) Procedure for acceptance testing of a
        consignment at a delivery
      B.1 General
      B.2 Sampling procedure
      B.3 Compliance criteria
Annex C (normative) Measurement of dimensions of a single unit
      C.1 Preparation
      C.2 Overall dimensions
      C.3 Draw
      C.4 Chase
      C.5 Straightness and bow
      C.6 Thickness of facing layer
      C.7 Test report
Annex D (normative) Determination of freeze/thaw resistance with
        de-icing salt
      D.1 Principle
      D.2 Specimen
      D.3 Materials
      D.4 Apparatus
      D.5 Preparation of test specimens
      D.6 Procedure
      D.7 Calculation of test results
      D.8 Test report
Annex E (normative) Determination of total water absorption
      E.1 Principle
      E.2 Specimen
      E.3 Materials
      E.4 Apparatus
      E.5 Preparation of the test specimens
      E.6 Procedure
      E.7 Calculation of test result
      E.8 Test report
Annex F (normative) Measurement of bending strength
      F.1 Apparatus
      F.2 Preparation
      F.3 Procedure
      F.4 Calculation of test results
      F.5 Test report
Annex G (normative) Measurement of abrasion resistance
      G.1 Principle of wide wheel abrasion test
      G.2 Abrasive material
      G.3 Apparatus
      G.4 Calibration
      G.5 Preparation of the specimen
      G.6 Procedure
G.7 Measuring the groove
      G.8 Calculation of test results
      G.9 Test report
Annex H (normative) Measuring of abrasion according to the Bohme
      H.1 Principle
      H.2 Abrasive material
      H.3 Apparatus
      H.4 Preparation of specimens
      H.5 Procedure
      H.6 Calculation of test results
      H.7 Test report
Annex I (normative) Method for the determination of unpolished
        slip resistance value (USRV)
      I.1 Principle
      I.2 Apparatus
      I.3 Calibration
      I.4 Sampling
      I.5 Procedure
      I.6 Calculation of test results
      I.7 Test report
Annex J (normative) Verification of visual aspects
      J.1 Preparation
      J.2 Procedure
Annex K (informative) Example of the application of the method
        for checking conformity of bending strength by variables
      K.1 General
      K.2 Basic formula
      K.3 Acceptance factors
      K.4 Standard deviations s
      K.5 Application of switching rules
      K.6 Results
Annex ZA (Informative) Clauses of this European Standard addressing
         the provisions of the EU Constructions Products Directive
      ZA.1 Scope and relevant characteristics
      ZA.2 Attestation of conformity
      ZA.3 CE marking and labelling

Describes materials, properties, requirements and test methods for unreinforced, cement bound precast concrete kerb units, channels and complementary fittings, that are for use in trafficked paved areas and roof coverings.

Also numbered as SN 640483-3B-NA. 2003 Edition Re-Issued in August 2007 & incorporates CORR 2007. Supersedes SN 640483-3A. (10/2014)
Swiss Standards

Standards Relationship
DIN EN 1340:2010-08 (Draft) Identical
DIN EN 1340:2003-08 Identical
EN 1340:2003/AC:2006 Identical
ONORM EN 1340 : 2007 Identical
UNI EN 1340 : 2004 Identical
BS EN 1340:2003 Identical
UNE-EN 1340:2004 Identical

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