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SN EN 60684-2 : 1997 AMD 2 2005



The latest, up-to-date edition.


Published date


1 General
2 Test conditions
3 Measurements of bore, wall thickness and
4 Density
5 Resistance to splitting after heating
6 Heat shock (resistance to heat)
7 Resistance to soldering heat
8 Loss in mass on heating of uncoated textile glass
9 Longitudinal change
10 Deformation under load (resistance to pressure at
   elevated temperature)
11 Thermal stability of PVC sleeving
12 Volatile content of silicone sleeving
13 Bending after heating
14 Bending at low temperature
15 Brittleness temperature
16 Dimensional stability on storage
17 Hydrolysis of coating
18 Flexibility
19 Tensile strength, tensile stress at 100 % elongation,
   elongation at break and secant modulus at 2 % elongation
20 Fraying resistance test
21 Breakdown voltage
22 Insulation resistance
23 Volume resistivity
24 Permittivity and dissipation factor
25 Resistance to tracking
26 Flame propagation tests
27 Oxygen index
28 Transparency
29 Ionic impurities test
30 Silver staining test
31 Electrolytic corrosion resistance
32 Corrosion resistance (tensile and elongation)
33 Copper corrosion (presence of corrosive volatiles)
34 Colour fastness to light
35 Resistance to selected fluids
37 Thermal endurance
38 Mass per unit length
39 Heat ageing
40 Water absorption
41 Restricted shrinkage
42 Colour stability to heat
43 Smoke index
44 Toxicity index
45 Halogen content
46 Acid gas generation
47 Hot elongation and hot set
48 Tension set
49 Tear propagation
50 Long term heat ageing (3000 h)
Annex A (informative) - Bibliography
Annex ZA (normative) Normative references to international
         publications with their corresponding European

Provides test method for flexible insulating sleeving, including heat-shrinkable sleeving, mainly for insulating electrical conductors and connections of electrical apparatus, but may be used for other applications. Intended to control sleeving quality.

Swiss Standards

Standards Relationship
UNE-EN 60684-2:1998 Identical
DIN EN 60684-2 : 2012 Identical
I.S. EN 60684-2:2011 Identical
NF EN 60684-2 : 2012 Identical
BS EN 60684-2:2011 Identical
IEC 60684-2:2011 Identical
EN 60684-2:2011 Identical
NBN EN 60684-2 : 2011 Identical

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