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Connecting users and worksites to Standards

Access construction Standards with ease

In industries as heavily regulated as building and construction, accessing critical industry Standards and building codes need to be efficient for all users, teams and projects. Ensuring your teams are using the latest Standards can be complex, where a centralised solution can help you remain compliant and ensure the safety of your employees and the community. Discover how Intertek Inform i2i, our Standards Management platform can help.


Meeting the needs of all users

  • Provide centralised access to employees across all worksites or in the office, with a single library of all the Standards your teams need while providing fast and easy searching capabilities
  • Customise collections of Standards to suit project needs with features on the Intertek Inform i2i platform that make it easy to provide each project team or department with the Standards they really need
  • View Standards without downloading the document page by page with the ability to bookmark specific pages, navigate easily throughout the document, search keywords, annotate and collaborate
  • Access current information with confidence with timely email notifications of relevant changes to your Standards alongside automatic access to the updated versions to reduce compliance gaps

Enhancing how your organisation accesses Standards can boost productivity, ensure consistency, help your products and services remain compliant and gain a competitive edge in a challenging industry. It's time to gain access to 1.6+ million Standards from over 360 publishers to meet all of your needs, on a single platform.