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About NAMUR Standards

NAMUR, also known as Normenarbeitsgemeinschaft für Mess- und Regeltechnik in der chemischen Industrie (which translates to The User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries), is an international association for users of automation technology and digitalization in the process industries that was established in 1949.

Playing a crucial role in the process industries, NAMUR’s focus is on developing guidelines for the automation equipment that is used extensively in these industries. These recommendations often incorporate more rigorous testing criteria.

The association represents the interests of over 160 member companies, associations and organizations. Work results are published in the form of NAMUR recommendations and worksheets and submitted to national and international Standardization bodies as proposed Standards.

NAMUR prioritizes reliability, maintainability, and ease of use. By establishing user-driven guidelines, NAMUR helps maintain that equipment is designed with the specific needs of process industries in mind. Their work also significantly influences the development of formal international Standards.

Intertek Inform: Your Gateway to the NAMUR Standards

Intertek Inform makes it easy for businesses to buy NAMUR Standards from our website, giving convenient access to guidelines set by the Normenarbeitsgemeinschaft für Mess- und Regeltechnik (NAMUR). This streamlines procurement, ensuring businesses can swiftly acquire the necessary Standards to enhance quality and competitiveness. Users from process industries can easily access the entire library of NAMUR Standards to specify equipment requirements, create NAMUR-compliant equipment, or guide the design and integration of automation systems. Intertek Inform stores detailed Standard information, including the different versions, so customers can always have access to current and relevant Standards.

You can purchase individual NAMUR Standards in digital PDF or printed (hardcopy) formats on our website. Or you may like to manage your standards with i2i, our secure, configurable, cloud-based platform, accessible through our subscription service.


Energy accounting Measurements in Chemical Parks
Functional Safety in Batch Processes
Diagnostics and maintenance functions for process equipment assemblies
Selection of field devices for safety instrumented systems taking prior use into account
Remote Access – Requirements for remote access security
Quality control of all electrical work sections during installation
Working with mobile devices in the process environment
Requirements for Process orchestration of modular production plants
DCS update, upgrade and migration from the user perspective
Explosion protection document Explosionsschutzdokument
Frequency converters
Recommendation for continued training for employees working within production and maintenance in the process industry
Recommendation for continued training for employees working within production and maintenance in the process industry
Requirements for the qualification of the PCT of modular plants in the GMP environment
Requirements for M+O Sensors Anforderungen an M+O-Sensoren
Lists of Properties and their Use in Process Control Engineering Workflows
NAMUR Open Architecture – NOA Information Model
Software- and Hardware Identification of Field Devices and Signal Processing Devices
Process analyser technology systems as part of safety instrumented systems
Common technical delivery conditions for valves, actuators and PCS field devices
NAMUR Open Architecture – NOA Security Zones and Security Gateway
Application of the Weights and Measures Act to flow-metering instruments in the process industry
NAMUR Thermowell – Design and Calculation
Application of a modular plant engineering concept in production-related logistics

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Frequently Asked Questions

NAMUR Standards aren't formal Standards, technically. NAMUR is an industry group that creates recommendations and worksheets for process automation equipment.

These recommendations define which features and functions are important for equipment used in the process industries. These Standards serve as a guide for both manufacturers and operators of this equipment.

NAMUR Standards are used for several purposes and apply to various process control elements. NAMUR Standards are used to Standardize process automation in industries such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals. These include sensors, valves, digital interfaces, and more.

Some common uses for NAMUR Standards involve specifying equipment requirements, gauging performance, and paving the way for formal international Standards.

NAMUR was founded by user companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical sectors. The Standards that NAMUR create and publish are owned and developed exclusively by NAMUR itself.

The current president of NAMUR is Dr. Felix Hanisch. Their headquarters are located in Leverkusen, Germany. 

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