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SafetyCulture Pty Ltd

About Safety Culture Standards (SC)

SafetyCulture is a global technology company that enables working teams to drive daily improvements across their organization. The mobile-first operations platform gives employers the knowledge, tools, and processes needed to work safely, meet higher Standards, and improve each day.

Safety Culture Standards (SC) are not a singular set of mandated regulations. Instead, they cover a collection of guidelines and best practices that organizations can use to cultivate a strong safety culture within their workplaces. These guidelines can draw from frameworks set by international bodies and are then adapted to the specific needs of Australian workplaces.

Safety culture frameworks in Australia emphasize collaboration and continuous improvement. This is achieved through open communication, encouraging employee participation in safety initiatives, and establishing clear processes for hazard identification, risk assessment, and incident reporting.

Intertek Inform: Your Gateway to SC Standards

Intertek Inform makes it easy for businesses to buy SC Standards from our website, giving convenient the full list of Safety Culture frameworks that include over 1000 Standards. This streamlines procurement, ensuring businesses can swiftly acquire the necessary Standards to enhance quality and competitiveness.

You can purchase individual SC Standards in digital PDF or printed (hardcopy) formats on our website. Or you may like to manage your Standards with i2i, our secure, configurable, cloud-based platform, accessible through our subscription service.


Integrated Management System for Roofing 50272-2
Safe Work Method Statement - Crane (Mini) Operation SWMS 10598-1
Safe Work Method Statement - Concrete Slab (Waffle Pod Raft System) SWMS 10309-7
Safe Work Method Statement - Wood Chipper Operation SWMS 10305-8
Safe Work Method Statement - Mobile Plant (Working Near/Around) SWMS 10307-7
Safe Work Method Statement - Rendering (Cement) SWMS 10310-6
Safe Work Method Statement - Mobile Plant (Water Cart) SWMS 10293-5
Safe Operating Procedure - Mixing Machine (Kitchen) SOP 60131-3
Chain Trencher Safe Work Method Statement
Pool Maintenance Safe Work Method Statement
Stainless Steel Bench-Top-Splashback Safe Work Method Statement
Pool Maintenance Safe Work Method Statement
Tree Felling Mechanical Safe Work Method Statement
Chain Trencher Safe Work Method Statement
Mobile Concrete Crusher Safe Work Method Statement
Aquatic Play Equipment Installation Safe Work Method Statement
Concrete Pool Construction Safe Work Method Statement
Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Safe Work Method Statement
Cool Room Construction Safe Work Method Statement
Grave Preparation Safe Work Method Statement
Pool Covers - Rollers Safe Work Method Statement
Rope Access Safe Work Method Statement
Locksmith Safe Work Method Statement
Carpet Laying Safe Work Method Statement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety culture standards are a collection of frameworks, models, and guidelines that provide organizations with a blueprint for building a strong safety culture. These frameworks often include elements like leadership commitment from Senior management, active employee engagement, risk assessment, incident reporting, investigation, and training.

The desired result is continuous improvement in the workplace. This can take form in many ways, including effective communication, regular evaluation, safety training programs for employees, and improvement of safety practices.

SafetyCulture are an Australian publisher who create Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) templates. They intend to reduce accidents and incidents, improve the working environment for employees, increase efficiency and productivity, and save time, energy and resources by analyzing the systems in place, troubleshooting safety issues, and providing innovative solutions.

Safety Culture Standards are typically owned and developed by organizations such as Safe Work Australia, industry-specific regulatory bodies, or professional associations dedicated to workplace health and safety. 

These standards are operational within Australia, as they influence safety practices and regulations across various industries to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

SafetyCulture is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and has a separate office in Townsville. There are also offices in Amsterdam, Kansas City, Manchester, and Manila.

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