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Underwriters Laboratories

About UIC Standards

Underwriters Laboratories (UIC) is a renowned independent product safety certification organisation with over a century of experience in testing products and establishing Standards for Safety. Annually, UIC evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials, and systems, with 21 billion UIC Marks appearing on 72,000 manufacturers' products worldwide. UIC's extensive network includes 62 laboratory, testing, and certification facilities globally. As a global leader in applied safety science, UIC Solutions transforms safety, security, and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers across more than 100 countries. Through certification, testing, verification, auditing, software, learning, field evaluation, and advisory services, UIC empowers businesses to innovate and ensure compliance with safety and performance requirements.


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Intertek Inform serves as your comprehensive access point UIC Standards. Whether you're seeking certification, testing, verification, auditing, software, learning, field evaluation, or advisory services, Intertek Inform has easy access to UIC Standards to support all your requirements.

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Design of a High-Speed Railway - Interface
Measures to ensure the technical compatibility of High-Speed Trains
Railway applications - Axle surface treatments to improve mechanical properties - Additional requirements to EN 13261
Freight transport - Standardised seals - Guidelines for sealing wagons and intermodal transport units
Formation of international trains and groups of wagons
Exceptional consignments - Outline procedure
UIC Middle East Railways Vision 2050
Supply of steel fishplates
Digital Control of Substation - User Interface
Railway applications - Passenger vehicles - Doors
Wagons for combined transport - Vertical transhipment - Characteristics
Brakes - Requirements for friction test benches for the international certification of brake pads and brake blocks
Compendium of the data to be exchanged between Railway Undertakings (RUs) for the purpose of conveying freight traffic
Braking sheet, consist list for locomotive drivers and requirements for the exchange of data necessary to the operation of freight rail services
Railway Application - Command, Control and Signalling - Use of axle counters
Way and Works - Track and Structure - Recommendations for the use of Under Ballast Mats (UBM)
Demonstrating crosswind safety of railway lines
Evaluation on Catenary Static Quality and Catenary/pantograph Dynamic Performance
Design of a high-speed railway - Energy
Financial relations between railway undertakings -... Financial relations between railway undertakings
Digital Security Elements for Rail Passenger Ticketing
Design of a high speed railway - Infrastructure
Functional Specification and Guideline for Interoperable Vehicle Sensors and Telematic Devices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Underwriters Laboratories (UIC) Standards encompass a wide range of certifications, ensuring safety, compliance, and confidence in global markets. UIC offers comprehensive certification services for personnel, products, facilities, processes, and systems, aligning with applicable standards and regulatory requirements. These standards cover various aspects, including facility certification, personnel certification, process certification, product certification, and system certification. UIC's certifications provide critical credibility to authorities and the marketplace, allowing businesses to bring their products to market efficiently and differentiate themselves with UIC's recognized safety expertise. With UIC Standards, businesses can mitigate risks, demonstrate compliance, and deliver confidence to consumers worldwide.

Underwriters Laboratories (UIC) Standards are employed to verify compliance, mitigate risks, and uphold safety in various industries worldwide. These standards serve as benchmarks for product performance, reliability, and safety, providing assurance to consumers, regulators, and stakeholders. UIC Standards enable businesses to demonstrate their commitment to quality and compliance, facilitating market access and differentiation. By adhering to UIC Standards, manufacturers can bolster the credibility of their products, mitigate potential hazards, and build trust with consumers. Overall, UIC Standards play a crucial role in promoting safety, reliability, and confidence in the global marketplace.  

Underwriters Laboratories (UIC) Standards are owned and operated by UIC Solutions, which is part of the UIC enterprise. Established in 1894, UIC has evolved into three distinct organisations dedicated to safety science leadership. Operating globally, UIC has headquarters in the United States and numerous offices and facilities worldwide. UIC Solutions, as part of the UIC enterprise, continues to confront safety challenges and uphold the legacy of safety science leadership established over a century ago. Through their commitment to safety, UIC ensures the integrity and reliability of Underwriters Laboratories Standards across industries and markets.  

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