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Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.

About Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA) Standards

Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA) or the German Association of the Automotive Industry, encompasses over 620 companies engaged in automotive production within Germany. Its membership is categorized into three primary groups: automobile manufacturers, automotive suppliers, and producers of trailers, special bodies, and buses. Headquartered in Berlin, the VDA continues to play a vital role in setting and maintaining these Automotive Standards, thereby upholding the industry's reputation for excellence and innovation.


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Intertek Inform makes it easy for businesses to buy VDA Standards from our website, giving convenient access to globally recognized guidelines set by Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA). This streamlines procurement, ensuring businesses can swiftly acquire the necessary standards to enhance quality and competitiveness.


You can purchase individual VDA Standards in digital PDF or printed (hardcopy) formats on our website. Or you may like to manage your standards with i2i, our secure, configurable, cloud-based platform, accessible through our subscription service.


Traceable inline measurement technology. Suitability, planning and management
Product Compliance System (PCS) Volume 1
Product Compliance System (PCS) Band 1
Determination of Local Ductility by Fracture Surface Analyses of Tensile Test Specimens
Recommendation for Integrating Actuator Control of Electric Parking Brakes into ESC Control Units
Elastomer compatibility Determination of the behaviour against brake fluids as per ISO 4925
Surface materials for automotive interiors Testing of resistance to disinfectants
Electrical Power Supply System regarding automated driving in the context of ISO 26262 - Gruppenlizenz (group license),
Specification of light technical tests for material qualification
Data quality of different plastic grades with recycled content for the automotive industry
Process Audit
Parts of Motor Vehicles Marking of Materials
Guidelines on analyzing possible scenarios and risks when using consumer electronics (CE) components in vehicles
Leather and Plastic Roll Stock and Textiles for Motor Vehicle - Determination of Flexural Properties
Guidance for Conducting Life Cycle Assessment Studies of Passenger Cars
Testing procedure for product classes Prelube, Prelube2, Hotmelt, spot lubricant (08/2022) Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2
VDA 250 Materials Laboratory Assessment (to deepen the assessment according to IATF 16949) (07/2022) - group license, GTC Art. 10, 2
Software-in-the-loop (SiL) standardization
Digital data exchange in material sampling taking into account 3D data
Product creation -Maturity Level Assurance for new Parts Methods, measurement criteria, documentation
Determination of the total concentration of hydrocarbon compounds in test chambers and vehicle interiors with a flame ionization detector (FID)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA) Standards are comprehensive guidelines established by the German Association of the Automotive Industry to promote quality, safety, and efficiency in automotive production. These standards cover a wide range of topics, including manufacturing processes, product specifications, and testing methods. VDA Standards are widely recognized and adopted by automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and producers of trailers, special bodies, and buses. They reflect the latest advancements in automotive technology and best practices, helping the industry maintain its reputation for excellence and innovation. Adhering to VDA Standards maintains that automotive products meet stringent German and international quality requirements.  

Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA) Standards guide and regulate the production, quality, and safety of automotive products. These standards apply to various aspects of the automotive industry, including manufacturing processes, component specifications, and testing procedures. By adhering to VDA Standards, companies ensure that their products meet high quality and safety benchmarks, which are essential for market competitiveness and consumer trust. These standards facilitate consistent and reliable production practices, promote innovation, and help manufacturers comply with both national and international regulations. Ultimately, VDA Standards support the automotive industry in delivering superior and safe vehicles.  

The Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA), or the German Association of the Automotive Industry, owns and maintains the VDA Standards. VDA represents over 620 companies involved in the automotive sector, including manufacturers, suppliers, and producers of trailers, special bodies, and buses. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, VDA operates on a national and international level, setting benchmarks for quality, safety, and innovation in the automotive industry. Through its standards, VDA upholds that German automotive products meet stringent requirements and continue to lead in global engineering excellence and technological advancements.

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