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View full text versions of your Standards with Click2View

The ability to view the technical documents and Standards you require, anywhere you are and anytime you need them, is essential to improve efficiencies, enhance team collaboration and reduce costs.

What is Click2View?

i2i allows you to manage licenced content from over 350 global publishers as a subscription service. Organisations can arrange cost effective, secure and flexible collections based on usage.

Click2View via i2i allows you to:

  • View the full text of all your Standards documents page by page
  • Bookmark specific pages for later reference and share with a specified group of users
  • Add online notes for reference
  • Access advanced metadata search capabilities within the document with hyperlinks to locations within the Standards document

What you can expect

  • Access to the Standards you need online - anywhere, anytime
  • Transition to remote working seamlessly
  • Always access the latest version of Standards
  • Confidence that you're complying to the most up-to-date versions (important for ISO certifications)
  • View historical versions to understand changes and implications
  • Enable and encourage team collaboration
Ready to transform your Standards Management?