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Significantly save time comparing different versions of Standards using our intelligent Compare service in i2i.


An improved approach to comparing Standards

With constant technological improvements and global demands, Standards can be revised as often as every year. With these rapid changes, businesses need to be able to understand what the changes are and how they impact their organisation's products, policies and procedures.

To deliver an alternative approach to the manual review method of Standards, we'd like to introduce you to Compare on our Standards Management platform - i2i.

Compare gives you the ability to instantly view the differences between two versions of a Standard. It allows you to significantly save time and costs associated with comparing the differences between versions of Standards through a convenient side-by-side view.

It allows your organisation to:

  • Control hidden costs: Significantly reduce the hours spent identifying key changes when a Standard is revised
  • Create efficiencies: Easily identify version changes through the colour-coded, side-by-side view
  • Access all changes: Gain the flexibility of comparing all different versions of a Standard without restriction
  • Minimise risks: Mitigate the risk of missing important changes, to catch even small differences

Compare gives you access to:

  • A simple selector to choose the two versions of a Standard you want to compare
  • A side-by-side view of each version that automatically aligns the pages that need to be compared
  • Coloured highlights within the Standards for instant identification of changes
  • Simple colour-coding to understand what data has been replaced, inserted and moved
    • Red identifies text that has been replaced
    • Green identifies text that has been inserted 
    • Blue identifies text that has been moved
  • Ability to click on a change within the Standard to view the description within the Change List menu

A fast way to find critical changes 

It's time to significantly save time and costs associated with identifying differences between versions of Standards and ensure your teams mitigate risks of missing important changes and maintain compliance. 

Our Compare feature assists in all industries - in organisations of all sizes. It is especially useful for heavy Standards users to see and understand changes quickly, great for those impacted by scale and frequency of changes in Standards.

Ready to transform your Standards Management?