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BS 2518-1:1954



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Specification for rotary form relieved gear cutters Diametral pitch

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Instructions for setting out of tooth profiles of milling cutters for gears of standard 20° pressure angle type. Standard group of 8 cutters, special group of 15 cutters (1 to 8, increasing by ½ sizes). 14½° pressure angle cutters are also covered. Reductions in gear tooth thickness, necessary when milled gears are required to mesh with generated gears, arbor and keyway sizes, marking of cutters, ordering instructions, metric sizes.

This British Standard applies to rotary form-relieved cutters for milling spur and helical gears within the range 1 to 30 diametral pitch.

Such cutters are deemed satisfactory for cutting gears intended to mesh together under conditions of service which are not severe.

NOTE It is not recommended that cutters designed in accordance with this standard be used for milling gears intended to mesh with generated gears. Where, however, it is found necessary to use milled gears for this purpose, a reduction in chordal thickness of the gear teeth is essential. (See Appendix A).

Reviewed and confirmed by BSI, January 2011. (12/2010)
British Standards Institution

Standards Relationship
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BS 2518-2:1977 Specification for rotary form relieved gear cutters Metric module

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BS 2062-2:1960 Specification for gear hobs Hobs for gears for turbine reduction and similar drives
BS 2519:1954 Glossary of terms and notation for toothed gearing.
BS 2007:1975 Specification for circular gear shaving cutters, 1 to 8 metric module, accuracy requirements

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