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BS 6840-15:1992



A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

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A superseded Standard is one, which is fully replaced by another Standard, which is a new edition of the same Standard.

Sound system equipment Specification for matching values for the interconnection of sound system components

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Committees responsible
National foreword
1. Scope
2. Reference documents
Section one. Power supply
3. A.C. power supply voltages and frequencies
4. D.C. power supply voltages
5. Power supply feeding for microphones
Section two. Interconnections
6. Connections
7. Connectors
Section three. Marking
8. Marking
9. General purpose inputs
Section four. Preferred matching values
10. Matching of microphones and amplifiers
10.1 Microphones
10.2 Microphones with built-in amplifier
10.3 Power supply feeding for electret microphones fed
      over a separate conductor
10.4 Phantom supply system
10.5 A-B supply system
10.6 Polarity of the audiofrequency voltage
10.7 Input from microphone to computer (for example
      for a voice recognition system)
11. Matching of record playing units (pick-ups) and
12. Matching of tuners and amplifiers
13. Matching of amplifiers and amplifiers
13.1 Pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers for household
      and sound reinforcement
13.2 For broadcast and similar line-amplifiers
14. Matching of magnetic tape recorders and amplifiers
14.1 Output
14.2 Current-fed input
14.3 Voltage-fed input
15. Matching of auxiliary equipment and amplifiers
15.1 Output
15.2 Input
16. Matching of loudspeakers and amplifiers
16.1 Single unit loudspeakers
16.2 Loudspeaker systems
16.3 Voltage (or power) matching of amplifiers and
16.4 Polarity of the sound pressure
17. Matching of headphones and amplifiers
17.1 Impedance-defined headphones
17.2 Voltage-defined headphones
18. Auxiliary passive elements
19. Analogue matching of digital audio sources and
      amplifiers for household and similar use
Annex ZA (informative) Other international publications
         quoted in this standard with the references of
         the relevant European publications
National annex NA (informative) Cross-references

Applies to preferred electrical values for the interconnection of sound system components.

Supersedes BS 6840: Part 15: 1988
British Standards Institution

Standards Relationship
IEC 60268-15:1996 Identical

IEC 60038:2009 IEC standard voltages
IEC 60268-3:2013 Sound system equipment - Part 3: Amplifiers
IEC 60268-12:1987 Sound system equipment. Part 12: Application of connectors for broadcast and similar use
IEC 60268-7:2010 Sound system equipment - Part 7: Headphones and earphones
IEC 60094-2:1994 Magnetic tape sound recording and reproducing systems - Part 2: Calibration tapes
IEC 60268-1:1985 Sound system equipment. Part 1: General
IEC 60098:1987 Analogue audio disk records and reproducing equipment
IEC 60268-11:1987 Sound system equipment. Part 11: Application of connectors for the interconnection of sound system components
IEC 60268-4:2014 Sound system equipment - Part 4: Microphones
IEC 60268-5:2003+AMD1:2007 CSV Sound system equipment - Part 5: Loudspeakers

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