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DIN EN 60523:1994-08


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National foreword
Cooperating organizations
1 Scope
2 Terms and definitions
2.1 D.C. potentiometer (hereinafter designated
2.2 Measuring dials
2.3 Effective range
2.4 Range-changing device
2.5 Standardization of a potentiometer
2.6 Dial setting
2.7 Auxiliary equipment
2.8 Resolution
2.9 Circuit insulation voltage (nominal circuit
2.9a Distortion factor (total harmonic) (of a quantity)
2.10 Ripple content (of a quantity)
2.11 Leakage current screen (circuit)
2.12 Electrostatic screen
2.13 Measuring terminals
2.14 Measuring circuit
2.15 Measured quantity circuit selector switch
2.16 Residual e.m.f. of a potentiometer
2.17 Incremental linearity
2.18 Influence quantity
2.19 Common mode voltage
2.20 Variation with influence quantity
2.21 Reference conditions
2.22 Reference value
2.23 Reference range
2.24 Nominal range of use
2.25 Limiting values of an influence quantity
2.26 Fiducial value
2.27 Error
2.28 Intrinsic error
2.29 Accuracy
2.30 Accuracy class
2.31 Class index
3 Classification
4 Limits of intrinsic error
4.1 Permissible limits of intrinsic error
4.2 Incremental linearity
4.3 Resolution
4.4 Range-changing device
4.5 Independent circuit for standardization of a
5 Conditions for the determination of intrinsic
6 Permissible variations
6.1 Limits of variation
6.2 Conditions for the determination of the variations
6.3 Determination of the effect of a common mode
6.4 Variation due to the influence of a magnetic field
      of external origin
7 Additional electrical and mechanical requirements
7.1 Voltage test and other safety requirements
7.2 Functional insulation test
7.3 Measured quantity circuit selector switches
7.4 Potentiometer adjustments
7.5 Limiting temperature for storage, transport and
8 Information, markings and symbols
8.1 Information
8.2 Markings, symbols and their locations
8.3 Documentation
8.4 Example of the marking of a potentiometer
A Determination of the effect of common mode
      voltage. Direct method
B Determination of the effect of common mode
      voltage. Indirect method (Superposition method)

Covers various aspects such as nomenclature, intrinsic error and marking.

Supersedes DIN IEC 60523 (08/2002)
German Institute for Standardisation (Deutsches Institut für Normung)

Standards Relationship
I.S. EN 60523:1993 Identical
BS EN 60523:1993 Identical
IEC 60523:1975 Similar to
SN EN 60523 : 1993 AMD 2 1997 Identical
NBN EN 60523 : 1994 AMD 1 1998 Identical
EN 60523:1993/A2:1997 Identical
NF EN 60523 : 93 AMD 2 98 Identical

VDI/VDE/DGQ/DKD 2622 Blatt 8:2004-05 Calibration of measuring equipment for electrical quantities - Direct-current resistors

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