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EN 33:2019


The latest, up-to-date edition.

WC pans and WC suites - Connecting dimensions
Published date


This document specifies the connecting dimensions of WC pans and WC suites regardless of the materials used for their manufacture.This document does not apply to siphonic action WC pans and WC suites.NOTE 1Other connecting dimensions are permitted, e.g. special designs of WC pans, if the manufacturer supplies or recommends the appropriate fittings.NOTE 2The shape of the appliance in the figures is for illustration only; it in no way prejudices the final shape of the appliance, which is left to the initiative of the manufacturer.

CEN/TC 163
Comite Europeen de Normalisation

Standards Relationship
DS EN 33 : 2019 Identical
DS EN 33 : 2011 COR 2013 Identical
NEN EN 33 : 2019 en Identical
PN EN 33 : 2011 AC 2014 Identical
NS-EN 33:2019 Identical
ONORM EN 33 : 2011 Identical
PN-EN 33: 2019-06 Identical
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DIN EN 33:2019-07 Identical

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