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AS/NZS 1554.1:2014



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Structural steel welding Welding of steel structures

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AS NZS 1554.1 2014 specifies requirements for the welding of steel structures made up of combinations of steel plate, sheet or sections, including hollow sections and built-up sections, or castings and forgings. Also known as AS1554 Structural steel welding.

978 1 74342 893 1
Standards Australia

Originated in Australia as AS CA8—1933.Originated in New Zealand, in part, as NZS 4701:1981.Previous edition AS/NZS 1554.1:2011.Ninth edition 2014. Originated in Australia as AS CA8-1933. Originated in New Zealand, in part, as NZS 4701:1981. Previous edition AS/NZS 1554.1:2011. Ninth edition 2014. Reissued incorporating Amendment No. 1 (September 2015). Reissued incorporating Amendment No. 2 (September 2017).

AS/NZS 3845.2:2017 Road safety barrier systems and devices Road safety devices
AS/NZS 2980:2018 Qualification of welders for fusion welding of steels - Additional requirements for Australia and New Zealand
AS/NZS 1576.2:2016 Scaffolding Couplers and accessories
AS/NZS 4600:2018 Cold-formed steel structures
AS/NZS 1163:2016 Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections
AS/NZS 4994.4:2018 Temporary edge protection Perimeter Protection Screens
AS/NZS 3679.2:2016 Structural steel Welded I sections
AS 2809.2:2020 Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods Road tank vehicles for flammable liquids
AS/NZS 3678:2016 Structural steel - Hot-rolled plates, floorplates and slabs
AS 5100.8:2017 Bridge design Rehabilitation and strengthening of existing bridges
AS/NZS 3679.1:2016 Structural steel Hot-rolled bars and sections
AS/NZS 1577:2018 Scaffold decking components
AS/NZS 3785.8:2016 Underground mining - Shaft equipment Conveyances for inclined shafts
AS 3996:2019 Access covers and grates
AS/NZS 2327:2017 Composite structures - Composite steel-concrete construction in buildings
AS 5100.3:2017 Bridge design Foundation and soil-supporting structures
AS 2339:2017 Traffic signal posts, mast arms and attachments
AS 2809.4:2017 Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods Tankers for toxic and corrosive cargoes
AS/NZS 5131:2016 Structural steelwork - Fabrication and erection
SA TS 103:2016 Structural steel welding - Limits on boron in parent materials
AS 1657:2018 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders - Design, construction and installation
AS/NZS 5100.6:2017 Bridge design Steel and composite construction

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