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Management System Standards

Management System Standards

Best practice approaches to management

Management solutions play a vital role in shaping the overall processes of any business, in any industry. Internationally recognised management Standards help form frameworks to oversee all areas of a business including quality, risk, environmental, energy, health & safety and more.  

Management strategies are scalable to the size of the organisation, detailed documentation and processes may suit larger enterprises, whereas smaller businesses may prefer a streamlined approach.  

Regardless of the size of the organisation, Standards can provide the guidance needed to form effective and measurable management solutions. Applying a best practice approach can result in operational efficiencies, with a variety of benefits to any business.

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Company organization and management

Company, Organization and Management

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The organisation of a company, community or country comes down to processes and management strategies in place. Standards play and important role in forming best practice approaches and benchmarks for such services and management, in all industries.


Standards for Sustainable Cities

Shaping management processes, services and response to risks

Smart cities and communities are using standards to shape their management processes, services and response to risks in order to become sustainable and resilient.

relying on a new world-2

Relying on Standards in a ‘new’ world

Standards leading the way forward

To assist with this transition into the 'new' world, Standards can provide the information needed to identify and improve strategies, processes and policies.

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