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World Standards Day

World Standards Day 2023

What is World Standards Day?

Every year on October 14, World Standards Day offers an opportunity to celebrate those who have contributed to developing the millions of Standards that we use and encounter every day. Standards across all industries ensure safety, sustainability and efficiency, enabling people and organisations to accomplish amazing things.

World Standards Day is organised by the world's leading developers of International Standards, IEC, ISO and ITU collaborating on a number of initiatives to get everyone involved in spreading awareness of Standards and celebrating them on a global scale - as we should!


What is the focus for this year?

This year, there's a continued focus on a shared vision for a better world and the need to increase the understanding of how International Standards contribute to achieving the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As each SDG is a call for action where related Standards can assist industries, organisations and governments to overcome challenges, optimise processes, drive innovation and connect each other to knowledge and education to face each action. 

CCreating a world that is better, fairer and sustainable with Standards

Creating a world that is Fairer & Sustainable with Standards

World Standards Day

Taking place every year on October 14, World Standards Day shines a light on the importance of Standards in helping create a world we can enjoy today and protect for future generations.

WSD Video Series

Watch our World Standards Day Video Series

Hear from industry experts

In this video series, we interview a range of companies, Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) and National Standards Bodies (NSBs) in different industries to discover the importance of Standards within their daily activities and industry.

Environmental Standards-blog

Discover Key Environmental Standards

Meeting and exceeding environmental expectations

Implementing the right Standards that improves environmental efforts and establishes long lasting sustainable practices is a step in the right direction.

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